Tourist sites in the Central Region of Ghana: Komenda Cave



The history behind the formation of the Komenda Cave has many angles depending on who is telling you the story. According to some quarters, precisely some indigenes of Komenda, the caves were created as a result of torrential waves that blew through the rocks some centuries ago, creating a large hallow space and even depositing water into it as can be observed today when visited.   Some quarters also tell a different story as they believe the cave was created by a volcanic reaction which took place centuries ago before the art of writing and documentation reached the lands hence the unavailability of a written document to back their claim.

Of the two stories, it is hard to tell which is true, but whatever be the case, one thing is curtained; the Komenda Cave plays an important role in the storied history of the Komenda people and they treat the cave with utmost respect as they regard it as a sacred place that must not be taken for granted.


During the pre-colonial era and even way before the Europeans arrived on the shores of Ghana, it is believed that the ancient cave used to serve as a hideout for the people, especially women and children during tribal and ethnic wars which were very frequent at the time.

There is also a popular rumour that the ancient cave served as a hideout for members of the British Royal family during World War II. Although this wild claim cannot be proven, the people of Komenda hold on to it very much and are convinced it is true largely due to the fact that the area where the cave is situated had a British military base for training British soldiers and Ghanaian soldiers for the war.

Today the cave is a very popular attraction in the Central region and draws thousands of people to Komenda annually with the sole intent of visiting and touring the ancient cave.

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