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Swimming pools, years ago used to be a thing for the rich. With modernization and urban life catching with the majority of the populace, the mystery of swimming pools is over. It is not uncommon to see pool parties all over the city of Koforidua.

Swimming pool with blue water

Here is a list of hotels with Koforidua hotels with swimming pools.

Mac Dic Royal Hotel

Arguably one of the preferred hotels for government officials and events, the hotel houses one of the biggest swimming pools in the city. With instructors on-site to aid you, this is the best you can have in Koforidua.

Capital View Hotel

A hotel that has constantly continued to expand its boundaries, this is probably the hotel whose pool attracts the most programs and events. If pool parties with music blurring are what you seek, Capital View will be a welcoming place to you.

Beautiful young Vietnamese couple resting in swimming pool and drinking cocktails

Bedtime Hotel

Best known as the place that has been taken over by university and second cycle students, the pool at Bedtime hotel has the most visitors of young people. If you are young, energetic and seeking friends who swim every week, you will find them here.


Canadian Dreams Hotel

Best described as a latecomer among the pools, this hotel located in Trom is one that is not as large as the others but has considerable attention from young people within the community.

Towel pool around swimming pool for leisure relax

Eastern Premier Hotel

Call it a hotel for the classy. The pool at Eastern Premier is where you will find people of class and instructors almost all the time. If you aim to swim with the elite and make friends with the “jones” who visit swimming pools, you should be heading towards Mile 50 in Koforidua.

Regiboat Hotel

Certainly not one of the popular hotels in the “flower city”. Regiboat is yet to have the clout of the others. This is one of the emerging hotels “hidden” as Osabene in Koforidua. If you are looking for a place to swim alone without the crowd and in a quiet place, try Regiboat.


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