Is Turkey Open For Tourists?


Just like other countries across the globe, Turkey has also put in place certain Travel restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Is Turkey Open For Tourists?

Turkey is currently open for tourists from around the world and has had its borders open since June 12, 2020.


Do you need a PCR test to enter Turkey?

Yes, all travellers are required to take a PCR test. In accordance with the guidance published by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, certain flight restrictions apply for arrivals to Turkey.


  • As of December 30, 2020, passengers arriving in Turkey are required to submit a negative PCR test (nucleic acid). The sample for the test must have been taken within 72 hours prior to the passenger’s scheduled departure from the country of origin. This applies to all passengers aged 6 years and over, except sailors and transit passengers.
  • As of May 15, 2021, a PCR test will not be requested from passengers arriving to Turkey from Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Latvia, Luxembourg, Ukraine and Estonia.
  • International Passengers who will arrive in Turkey as of 15th of March 2021 GMT+3 (not including transit passengers and passengers under of age 6) are required to fill in the Turkey Entrance Form which can be obtained here within 72 hours of their departure. Print out or the mobile screenshot of the filled form will have to be submitted to the airline crew before boarding.

The Turkey Entrance Form can be obtained here

  • Passengers of 6 years and older who visited Brazil and South Africa and arriving in Turkey are required, before boarding, to submit a negative PCR test result with a sample collected within the last 72-hours prior to departure.

Quarantine restrictions in Turkey

According to the Turkish Airlines:

  • All passengers arriving in Turkey from other countries who visited Brazil and South Africa within the last 10 days will be quarantined for 14 days at places selected by the Turkish official authorities following their arrival. On the 10th day of the quarantine period, passengers are required to undergo a second PCR test and if the test result is negative, the isolation period will end.

Which countries are banned from entering Turkey?

Arrivals to Turkey from Brazil and South Africa are temporarily suspended.

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