Interview With Akesse Moise Sanza – A Travel Blogger Who Makes A Fortune Out Of Travelling

This interview features Akesse Moise Sanza – a travel blogger, evangelist and a travel and tourism consultant. He has been in more countries than you can think of, for both pleasure and evangelical purposes.
The Interview.


How do you define travel blogging?

Travel Blogging is about writing on your travels and giving out tips that may be beneficial to other travellers.

When/How/Why did you start travelling?
I have been a fan of traveling; not only abroad but even to our villages. I started traveling in Secondary school where i was always part of a team organising tours to various regions in Ghana.

I started writing on my travels in 2012 as means to generate revenue from my trips.

How do you fund your trips(savings/sponsors/other)?
Traveling Blogging has been the pillar of finance for my travels. Though I may not earn much directly from my travel blogging, I’m able to sell my services (Travel & Tourism Consultancy) to readers of my blog.

How long do you normally spend on a trip?
Usually two weeks due to visa restrictions but in places where I’m allowed to stay longer, I spend a month.

Tell us about a good and bad experience you’ve had whilst traveling.
The bad is when I got lost in London one night. It was winter and my jacket wasn’t strong enough to fight it. I got confused of the bus stop where I was suppose to alight. I was new there and didn’t know I could easily locate with google map. Someone came to my aid.

The good experience is my visit to China. I found myself in a town called Liaocheng where I happened to be the only Black. They treated me like a king. Some shops even refuse to accept payments what I buy and restaurants were forcing me to come over to eat freely.

Any funny experience on your travels?
When I was eating pizza in Italy. I’m not used to eating with my bare hands so no matter what I have to use fork and knife. I was cutting the pizza so hard thinking that the flour layer is as thick as that of Ghana’s. Not knowing it’s as flat as a sheet of paper. So I ended up cutting the dinning table. Lol

Where was your best place and worst place you have been and why?
I will not call a place worst because every country has its own worst place or something about them that could be described as worst compared to other countries.

The best place is Liaocheng, in the Shandong province of China. Everything about this small town is very beautiful.

Have you travelled recently, where did you go?
My last trip was Zambia. I stayed for 10 days in the capital Lusaka.

Describe life without travel.
I’m addicted to traveling. It’s just like someone addicted to drugs. I’m always on the go.

What would you be doing if you were not travelling?
Hmmm this is a big question. I can’t just imagine myself without traveling. May be nature would have decided something else for me.

What is the name of your travel blog and the url?

JetSanza –

Why should anyone read your blog?
The blog is tailored for travel lovers. I’m not just a travel blogger but a Travel & Tourism Consultant. So information I provide on my blog are best to assist wannabe travellers and answers most of travel-related questions.


Do you get returns from all you spend traveling? How much?
Yea I make quite good money. I’m currently one of the top earning bloggers in Africa, if not the world.

How much do u spend on a single trip?
It depends on cost of living of the country in question. Past trips have cost me 3000 to 4000usd per trip.

What have you learnt from traveling?
Travel itself is a therapy. It changes your way of thinking and doing things. The exposure and networking are great.

Traveling has made me love my country. If you are always seated here, you keep on complaining as if nothing is going on in Ghana. When you travel and find out that Ghana is ahead of other countries, you begin to appreciate it.

I have been able to jump on several businesses through my travels. As an evangelist, I also take advantage to spread the word in the lands I find myself.

Please tell us about the bloggers travel to Dubai.
This Is a trip jointly organised by bloggers in Ghana and Kenya Airways. Thought it’s for bloggers, we invite others to join. This trip will encourage others to consider jumping into the travel blogging niche as attention hasn’t been paid to it.

How many places have you been in Ghana? Name them.

I have visited almost all tourist sites in Ghana except those that were discovered or created after 2017. As part of my training to become a Tour Guide, which I later upgraded to be a Travel & Tourism Consultant, the class visited all the tourist sites in Ghana.

Charity begins at home and I can’t jump on the plane with a passion for traveling while I haven’t been to places in my country.

Would you encourage anyone from abroad to visit Ghana? Any recommended places and why?
Sure. Places depends on where travellers are coming from and their interests. Americans are always encouraged to visit our castles to learn how it all started with the slave trade.

Any advice/tips for aspiring travellers?
It’s cost demanding but there are always means to cut cost. I urge them to avoid the use of middlemen or connection men as fees charged by these people raises the travel budget so high. Travellers can make good use of the internet to find our travel requirements for their desired destination and means to cut cost.

Favorite airline?

I have always been a fan of SkyTeam. I use Kenya Airways for my Africa and Asia travels while I use KLM for the others. I have been an Elite member of its frequent flyer program FlyingBlue since 2011.

Favorite country?


Favorite city?


Favorite beach?

Bournemouth’s beach in UK.

Favorite food?

Bajia from Kenya. It’s made with Irish potatoes.
Did you learn any language from your travel?

I try to capture few words from any country. At least I can greet in Swahili, Luganda, Zulu, German, French, Italiano, Dutch and Chinese. I couldn’t capture any word from India.

Instagram: akesse_sanza
Twitter: akesse_sanza

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Akesse Sanza

Akesse Sanza is a Ghanaian Travel Blogger, Travel and Tourism Consultant, and Anti-human Trafficking And Safe Migration advocate. Akesse loves everything Travel & Tourism and aims to see every single country in the world.

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