How To Run A Bank Account For Visa Application


Some people only remember they need a bank account after realising that they will need a bank statement for visa applications. There are others who also have bank accounts but do not use them until a visa application is coming up.


Bank Statements are automatically run as a customer transacts with the bank. Intentionally depositing and withdrawing funds with the motive of getting a ‘good’ bank statement for a visa application may negatively affect the outcome of your application as such transactions would seem unusual compared to the previous weeks and months.

Visa Officers are quick to conclude that the transactions have been made up purposely to obtain the statement for the visa application. Doing so may also not match your circumstances. A salaried worker is expected to have few deposits which are payments of their salaries. Taking funds from friends and relatives to top up your account would raise doubts and the source of those funds are going to be questioned by the Visa Officer.

To get the perfect bank statement, keep it real. Deposit funds as and when you have them, and withdraw funds when you need them. By so doing, the transactions will match your business and other sources of income. The receipts and invoices from your business will match the transactions on your bank statement without having to answer questions relating to the source of certain deposits.

If you are forced to deposit unusual sums of money that rightfully belongs to you, make sure you obtain and keep any document that clearly shows that you were paid such money for rendering a service, selling a property or item, winning a lottery, matured treasury bills and fixed investments, etc. Include this document in your visa application to clear any doubt that the Visa Officer may have.

Some embassies are only concerned about the balance shown on the statement and not bothered about the transactions in the account. There is nothing to worry about in this case.

Which bank statement is required for visa?

For the purpose of Visa Application, only official bank statements are required. Embassies do not accept interim statements. Most embassies require that bank statements are endorsed by the issuing banks.


Does immigration check your bank account?

Immigration officers do not check your bank accounts or bank statements. If immigration officers want to confirm if you have the means to support yourself financially while in the country, they may ask for the amount of money you are carrying. For some reasons, immigration officers only ask for the amount without necessarily checking and counting to confirm.

Do visa officers check bank statements?

Visa Officers randomly check bank accounts. Some embassies check all bank statements. This is the more reason why you have to obtain your bank statement from your bank without forging it in any way.

Do embassies verify bank statements?

Embassies randomly verify bank statements of visa applicants. Some few embassies verify all statements of visa applicants. Brazillian Embassy takes an official authorisation letter from visa applicants addressed to their banks to aid them to verify bank statements easily.

Can I Use Online Bank Statement For Visa Application?

No, Online Bank Statement cannot be used for visa application. Only hard copies of official bank statements obtained from banks can be used for visa application. Even if you have to submit the application online, you need to obtain an official printed statement before scanning for the online application.

How Much Bank Balance To Show For Visitor Visa

The balance needed in an account for a visa application varies from person to person based on several factors.

Bank Statement For Visa Application: How much balance is enough?

Acceptable Bank Statement For Uk Visa

What statement is accepted for UK visa application? UK Visas accepts all official statements issued by licensed financial institutions. Financial institutions are licensed by the central bank of your country.

Uk Visa Rejected Due To Bank Statement

Having a genuine bank statement is not a guarantee that a visa would be issued.

‘My bank statement is genuine, why was my visa application refused’ – Question from reader

How Uk Embassy Verify Bank Statement

Banks do not allow access to customers’ accounts via phone. UK, like any other embassy, sends the submitted bank statement to the bank either in person or by email for verification. In some cases, banks may call the customer to confirm if they have truly submitted the bank statement to the embassy to rule out any possibility of impersonification or unlawful use.

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