How to prepare Tuo Zaafi meal



Tuo Zaafi, popularly called TZ, in the southern part of Ghana, is a traditional northern food that has gained popularity in the South and is now enjoyed by every Ghanaian irrespective of ethnic group or where they stay.

However, in most part of Ghana, the food is sold in chop bars and street corners rather than being prepared at home by consumers mostly because most southerners have no idea how the food is prepared.

In this article, discusses the very simple steps involved in the preparation of Tuo Zaafi and its unique stew.

Tuozafi stew is predominantly prepared with Ayoyo leaves. First step of preparation involves cutting the bitter leaves into small tiny pieces. After that boil water for some minutes, when the water is hot enough pour the cut leaves into the water for the leaves to become soft. Check the softness of the leaves after some minutes. If you are okay with its softness and sliminess, then you take it off the fire and drain the water using a sieve.


Next thing to do is steam your meat or fish using onion, pepper, tomatoes and other ingredients like spices of your choice. Add palm oil to the steamed meat and ingredient s and continue staring until the mixed ingredients become a little slimy, then you pour the soft ayoyo leaves into the bowl and leave on fire for some ten minutes.

To prepare the TZ, first put water on the fire and boil it. While the water is being boiled, mix the cornflour with cold water. When the water is hot enough, pour the cornflour solution into the hot water and stir. Keep stirring to make sure it doesn’t develop tiny lumps. Now be adding flour little by little to make the porridge harder. Keep doing this till the TZ becomes hard enough.

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