How To Get The Best Out Of Kwahu Easter Festivities

Kwahu in the Eastern Region of Ghana is arguably the number one holiday destination in Ghana during Easter. The Kwahu Easter Festivities and as usual, throng of Ghanaians from all over the globe, including foreigners troop in to experience the magic of the festival every Easter.


These are some of the all-important tips to ensure you get the best out of the Kwahu Easter.

Book Your Accommodation In Advance

One big mistake visiting tourist always make is not booking their hotels and guest house in advance but always waiting to get to Kwahu before they find a hotel or guest house to rent. If you really want to get the best out of the Kwahu Easter festival, you are to book your hotel well in advance before the festival gets underway to avoid disappointments.

The Kwahu Easter Festival is biggest carnival in Ghana and the number of people who make the journey to Kwahu during the period is extra ordinary. Hotels and guest houses in and around Kwahu, even down to Nkawkaw get fully booked about a week to the carnival and as such if you wait till the D-day and expect to get a hotel to book, you might end up sleeping on the streets, which too often is the case with most travelers.

Beat the traffic

As the number one spot for Easter celebrations, travelers to the mountainous city are expected to experience heavy traffic jam. If you hate to spend long hours in traffic, travel days before the celebrations.

Tourists are advised to travel days before the celebrations

Go with family, friends or join an organized trip

Kwahu Easter is without a doubt the most fascinating and exciting carnival in Ghana but if you go there as a solo taveler, you may just end up having a boring carnival. Kwahu Easter is not a time to be alone, it is a time to have some fun with friends and family. Search online for organized trips and join a group.


Some Tour Operators sell packages for the Kwahu Easter Celebrations

Have a Budget

People are seen on television selling off their watches, shoes, and other valuables of theirs in order to afford a transportation back home or where they came from. Why this happens every year is no secret. Some tourists get caught in the fun of the moment and go on crazy spending sprees only to realize they have nothing left when the carnival is over and so resort to selling of their possessions to raise money for transportation. Have a budget and make sure you are within it.

Plan Which Activities You Intend to Take Part In

Kwahu Easter carnival comes with a lot of activities, from paragliding, tourist sites visits to mountain hikes. Be sure to have a well-planned list of which activities you intend to take part. Do not go there and randomly jump on to any activity because you find it exciting. You may end up not really having the fun you wanted to have. Before you get to Kwahu or even upon your arrival in Kwahu, you are most likely to spend about four days at the festival. Plan the activities and where you will be going for each of the next four or so days. This is to ensure you do not miss out on having the time of your life, randomly visiting places upon your arrival could make your carnival boring as you do not have any well planned line of activities. So before you embark on this exciting journey, have a clearly planned to-do list and stick to it.

Do not send Precious and Luxurious Possessions

Just like everywhere in the world, tourists are advised not to carry precious items or walk around in crowded places in luxury. We have had incidents of tourists returning from Kwahu and complaining of how they were robbed of their gold watches, necklaces and cellphones. Leave your gold watches, expensive necklaces and other valuable jewelry in lockers or with hotel reception.

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