How large is Ghana?



Ghana is usually touted as the second most popular and well-known country in West Africa after Nigeria and a major economic player in the West African region. As of 2016, the country had a population of 28.3 million people but it is estimated to have reach 30million in 2019.

In terms of size, Ghana occupies a land size of 239, 567 square kilometres, making it the 80th largest country in the world and among the biggest in the sub-region (West Africa).

Comparatively, Ghana is less than half the size of US state, Texas, which is has a land size 695, 552square kilometres and also one-fourth of its West African counterpart Nigeria which occupies an area size of 923,763square kilometres. Ghana is also slightly smaller than its neighbour Cote Divoire (322, 463square kilometre) but almost six times the size of its Eastern neighbour Togo (56,785 square kilometres)


Ghana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as of 2019 is $66 billion, one of the best in the sub-region; making Ghana a middle-income country.

Geographically, the country is located along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf OF Guinea and is bordered by Burkina Faso in the North, Togo in the East and Ivory Coast in the West.

Ghana is a very peaceful country and one of the best to tour considering its large size and many tourist attractions, some of which are related to the trans-Atlantic slave trade and colonialism.

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