How Kundum Festival is celebrated


Kundum Festival lasts for a period of eight days and involves activities like drumming and feasting, as well as the sacrifice of animals by the elders of the people. The sacrifice usually involves slaughtering of a fowl in a stool room by a few selected and designated people who are normally elders of the town.


According to the tradition of the people, the slaughtering of the fowl in the stool room is to clean the room and the traditional stool of any evil spirit or bad omen that may befall the chief and his elders.


Another fowl is also slaughtered in public, at a durbar as a sacrifice to the gods and ancestors of the town, after which the ritual dance discovered by Akpoley is performed by the dancers and women of the town. The rest of the days are spent preparing food, eating and dancing.

The Ahanta and Nzema area receive thousands of guests every year during the celebration of the week-long festival. Most of whom are invited guests and tourists who come from afar to observe the tradition and festival of the Kundum and Ahanta people.


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