Hans Cottage: Location, Attractions, Contacts And Room Prices


Hans Cottage Botel is located in the Central Region, a few kilometres from the main Cape Coast Township. It is situated on the Cape Coast-Praso road approximately 7miles from the famous Cape Coast Castle.


Main Attractions

Tourists who visit the wonderful facility are led by tour guides to see some fascinating attractions such as the crocodiles living in the man-made pond. To see the crocodiles, pieces of bread are thrown into the pond to attract fishes to the surface of the water. The crocodiles who depend on these fishes for feeding them hurry to the surface with the hope of catching some fishes. Unlike Paga crocodile pond where the reptiles are friendly with humans, the crocodiles at Hans Cottage are not and shy away from humans most of the time. They are however not dangerous and do not attack tourists, but simply prefer to stay in the waters.

Another wonderful attraction at Hans Cottage is the exciting boat ride on the lake. Visitors also have the option of taking a ride on the lake in a boat paddled by a tour guide. Whiles on the lake tourists get to see some of the crocodiles at closer view with their heads popping out of the water.

There is also the bird watch at Hans Cottage. Beside the lake, there are very short and small trees which serve as home to different bird species. These birds usually go out to look for food in the daytime and return to the trees in the evening. Birds who are laying eggs, however, stay behind and spend their days in their nests which are in the trees.

Hans Cottage also has a modern restaurant for visitors who may want to furnish their hunger as well as comfortable guest rooms for visitors who intend to spend the night at the facility. Hans Cottage remains one of the very few privately owned tourism facilities in Ghana with about ninety percent of the sites belonging to the state.



Room Prices

ROOM                                                                                                                         PRICES

Suite (Queen-size bed) GH¢550.00
Enhanced Room (king-size bed) GH¢450.00
Enhanced Room (Queen-size bed) GH¢400.00
-extra mattress (Adult) GH¢100.00
-(Below 18 years) GH¢50.00
Family Fan Room GH¢420.00
Standard Room (Double) GH¢250.00
Standard Room (Single) GH¢180.00


ACCOMMODATION                                                                                               PRICES

-Extra mattress (Adult) GH¢80.00
-(Below 18 years) GH¢40.00
Economy (Double) GH¢190.00
Economy (Single) GH¢135.00
-(Below 18 years) GH¢30.00
– Extra Mattress (Adult) GH¢65.00
Dormitory (without Breakfast) GH¢50.00
Camping Grounds (without Breakfast) GH¢30.00


Contact Details

You can reach Hans Cottage on 0244322522 for further enquiries or make room reservations.

Alternatively, you can log on to their website for more information.


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