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Ghanaians spent GHS41M on Schengen Visa Applications in 2022

According to recent statistics, Ghanaians made a significant investment in Schengen visa applications during the year 2022. The total number of Schengen visa applications worldwide reached a staggering 7,572,755, indicating the widespread desire to travel to the Schengen zone. The Schengen visa fee, which stood at 80 EUR, contributed to a total expenditure of GHS41M by Ghanaians seeking to obtain these visas.


Among Ghanaians, a total of 42,124 applications were submitted for Schengen visas. Out of these, 23,112 visas were issued, allowing successful applicants to embark on their desired trips to various Schengen countries. Among the issued visas, an impressive 10,239 were multiple entry visas, providing travelers with the flexibility to enter and exit the Schengen area multiple times within a specified period.

However, it is worth noting that 18,363 visa applications by Ghanaians were refused, resulting in a significant refusal rate of 44.2%. The reasons for these refusals may vary, including factors such as incomplete documentation, insufficient proof of financial means, or doubts regarding the applicant’s intention to leave the Schengen area at the end of their visit.

The German Embassy in Ghana emerged as a prominent player in the Schengen visa application process. With 8,153 applications submitted to the German embassy, it topped the list for the highest number of visa applications. Impressively, the German embassy approved 6,149 visa applications, showcasing their willingness to welcome Ghanaians to their country. The visa refusal rate at the German Embassy in Ghana stood at a comparatively low 24.3%, reflecting their openness to granting visas to eligible applicants.


Furthermore, the German Embassy in Ghana excelled in issuing multiple entry visas, with a remarkable rate of 99.8%. This signifies the embassy’s confidence in Ghanaians to adhere to the visa regulations and return within the authorized time frame.

On the other hand, Malta had the highest visa refusal rate among Schengen countries, reaching a staggering 72.5%. This indicates the stricter approach taken by Maltese authorities when assessing visa applications from Ghanaians.

As Ghanaians continue to explore opportunities and experiences in the Schengen zone, these statistics shed light on the challenges and successes encountered during the visa application process. The significant financial investment made by Ghanaians highlights their determination to travel and explore new horizons. While the overall visa refusal rate remains a point of concern, the favorable visa issuance rates by the German Embassy in Ghana demonstrate the potential for successful visa applications.

As Ghanaians plan their future travels to the Schengen area, it is crucial to carefully prepare visa applications and ensure all requirements are met. By doing so, the chances of obtaining a Schengen visa and embarking on an exciting journey to various European destinations will be greatly enhanced.

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