Ghana Foods: Nkran Dokono (Ga Kenkey)



Nkran Dokono, also known as Ga kenkey, is the traditional dish of the Ga people of Accra and originated from the Ga dominated suburbs of Accra like Jamestown, Teshie and La. However, today the food is not just a food enjoyed only by them as it has gained national interest and is widely eaten all over the country by people of different ethnic groups.

The food is prepared with fermented corn dough mixed with water and is usually wrapped in dried maize husk after preparation and sold on the streets and in restaurants across the country especially Accra.


Interestingly, unlike most popular foods in Ghana which are prepared in our homes and enjoyed by families, it is very rare and almost impossible to come across a family preparing Ga Kenkey to be eaten at home as either lunch or supper. Instead one would have to visit a nearby kenkey joint on the corner of the street or a restaurant to eat kenkey. This is likely due to the long hours the food takes on fire before being ready for consumption.

The popularity of kenkey has resulted in the creation of a special annual event known as Kenkey Fest in the national capital to celebrate the food. In just four years of Kenkey Fest, it has grown in popularity to become a well-patronised and attended event in Accra.

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