DV Lottery: Myths and Facts


The Diversity Visa Lottery, a program by the United States government that sends 50,000 people annually to the US is well patronized by ‘immigration risk’ countries. Although the program has existed for years, very few people have taken time to read about it to clear some myths that are always heard whenever this program is the topic of discussion among people.

In this article, I will list all the myths and their accompanying facts.

1. Myth: Apartment, job and air ticket are provided by the US government

Fact: The U.S government does not promise winners of accommodation and employment. Winners are only promised of permanent residency (Green Card). Winners are expected to indicate an address where they would want their green cards posted to. This is a clear indication that the US expects winners to have made accommodation arrangements before attending visa interviews. There is no job waiting for you. You are to buy your air ticket, look for your own employment once you receive your green card.

2. Myth: Registering in the US increases one’s chances of winning

Fact: Registering in the US does not improve your chances of possible selection. If you send your information to someone in the US to register for you, it is the same process they will go through. Application is online based and winners are not selected based on place of registration.


3. Myth: Some people are experts in the registration process

Fact: Selection of winners is done randomly. No one can influence this. You may only seek assistance in resizing your photos to meet the required size. It is always advisable to undertake the registration process yourself to make sure that every information provided is correct.

4. Myth: So much money is charged after winning

Fact: You are not required to pay any money apart from your visa fee and medical examination. People end up paying so much money because they engaged third parties during registration. The third parties who usually register people in tents charge huge sum of monies from winners before releasing their registration details. If you are not ready to waste such money, it is better you do the registration yourself.

5. Myth: Once I win I can take my family along

Fact: You can only take your family along if you included them during the entry stage. You can also take them along if you married or had kids after the registration period. If you have a spouse or children but failed to include them during the registration, you will be disqualified. Family here refers to spouse and children under 21 year, extended family not included.

6. Myth: I can ‘marry’ my sister/brother when I win

Fact: This is illegal and you would be caught during the time of interview or in the US even after receiving your green card. Your status as a permanent resident can then be revoked. This is a crime and could jeopardize your chances of traveling to the US again in the future.

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