COVID-19 Entry Requirements For Indonesia


Indonesia, like all the other countries beset with the COVID-19 pandemic, has changed its policies regarding immigration and entry into its territory to resist the inevitable and rapid spread of the disease.

Those measures include obliging travelers to fulfil all Indonesia COVID-19 Health Alert Card requirements in line with the Health Alert Card campaign.

All of these measures are in line with the Indonesian government’s efforts to control the transmission of the disease and protect travelers and their citizens as well.

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Indonesia travel restrictions COVID-19

Indonesia temporarily banned travelers from entering its borders, except for people carrying certain visas and documentation.  According to the government, the exceptions to the rule are the following:


  1. Foreigners who are holders of Indonesian Service Visa or Indonesian Diplomatic Visa.
  2. Foreigners who have Service Stay Permits or Diplomatic Stay Permits inside Indonesia.
  3. Foreigners with Permanent Stay Permit Cards (KITAP) or Temporary Stay Permit Cards (KITAS) within Indonesia.
  4. Expats or foreigners who are engaged with Indonesia on strategic national projects.
  5. Crew members of all sea, air, or land transport are allowed entry into the country.
  6. Food Sustenance Workers or Medical Aid Workers for Humanitarian Purposes.

When will Indonesia open borders

The borders of Indonesia, air, land, and sea are opened at the moment. However, the country has limited travel to certain groups of people.

When will Indonesia open for tourism?

Reference to the travel restrictions put in place by the Indonesian government, the country’s borders are only open to certain categories of people.

As time moves on, the said restrictions will be eased slowly based on the numbers of the covid-19 infections.


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