Can I travel to Ghana without a Passport?

Ghana is a West African state with sixteen (16) regions and a population of over 30 million people with its capital being Accra. Just like any other country on the globe, visitors and immigrants who wish to visit and stay in Ghana must meet and fulfil some immigration requirement as well as some health requirements.

For health requirement, any person wishing to enter Ghana must have at least vaccinated against yellow fever. Travellers should also possess a valid visa and a passport, if required. With that being said, except a few groups of people who have been exempted from entering Ghana without a visa, every other person wishing to come to Ghana must have a visa.

The groups highlighted below are the only ones who can enter Ghana without a passport.

Ghanaians holding travel certificates

Ghanaians abroad who wish to return home but do not possess a valid passport can return to Ghana without a passport, but they would need a travel certificate. Travel certificates are document issued to any Ghanaian who wish to travel to Ghana but does not have a Ghanaian passport. The Ghanaian must apply for the travel certificate at the Ghana Embassy or Mission in their respective countries.

It must be however be noted that a travel certificate is valid for only a month and is valid to be used for only a single journey to Ghana.

Citizens of ECOWAS states

Citizens of states belonging to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) can travel to Ghana if they possess a Citizenship card issued by a member a state.

Immigration laws and regulations are amended from time to time. Travellers are advised to contact the nearest Ghana Embassy for the latest travel requirement for Ghana.

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