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Eating is one of those things that mankind can’t do without. It is paramount then that wherever you find yourself, you get to know the best places to eat. Finding the best place to eat is paramount for several reasons. Much as the taste of food drives the eater, what goes into the stomach is that which makes or unmakes a person. When it comes to eating the adage that “you are what you eat” becomes significant for health reasons.

In this current era of artificial foods chemical concerns, it is only proper for you to know what you are eating. This piece is to be a guide to where you should be eating whenever you find yourself in the beautiful calm city of Koforidua.


This is the immediate “fufu joint” that greets you upon entering Koforidua from South through “Aburi”. Located about 500 metres from Mile 50, the bar which is arguably one of the oldest “fufu eating places” in Koforidua is known for its tasty soup.

What began under a palm tree (Abease) has become a hub and the number one place people want to visit whenever they are in Koforidua. Indeed the palm trees are still available today for one to sit under and enjoy “fufu”.

Very little has changed about Abease. Why not give it a try whenever you are in Koforidua.

Linda Dor

The “Linda Dor” has restaurant has had a long history of serving quality foods for decades. Originally located within the Post Office building, many people still prefer to eat at the “Post Office Linda Dor” because of the perception that the place serves an original taste of the old “Linda Dor”.

This notwithstanding, the restaurant has grown bigger and better and now has a bigger place at the Linda Dor Plaza. The place parallels any first-class restaurant anywhere in the country. It is one of the few places where you can virtually order all sorts of foods and can be sure you can be served. If you don’t find it at Linda Dor in Koforidua, then you might not have it anywhere in the city. The restaurant serves everything possibly edible from continental dishes to local dishes. And from vegan diets to non-vegan diets.

Drinks and small chops are in unlimited supply and one will have exactly what they want. With an option to eat indoors or outside especially in the evening, this place is one of a kind that you will have to visit while in Koforidua.


Acapulco Fufu Chop Bar came into existence simultaneously with the establishment of the then Koforidua Polytechnic (now Technical University). The “Chop bar” sits at the Poly Junction to “greet” all who pass into the Technical University. With a man being the main person behind the famous place, you will have the rare and unique experience of eating soup prepared and served by a man.

Acapulco is known for having all sorts of bushmeat available for his clients.

Barima Kwan (Highways)

This is another of “Fufu chop bar” that will greet you as you enter Koforidua from the North through Highways. The joint has become a preferred place for many who work within the corporate world and at the Ministries. It is not uncommon to find the staff of various Ministries, Departments and Agencies. If you want to dine with officials in a chop bar setting, this is what you have been looking for.

205 Kenkey

This is a kenkey joint, right in front of Bar 205. Because of its reputation, you will hardly have this kenkey being available after 12noon, if you are in Koforidua and kenkey is what you prefer to eat, this is your joint.


Mr T

Mr T is located at Jackson’s Park right in the heart of the city, this is a recommended place for first-timers into the city because of its location. If you are in Koforidua especially for an event or any occasion and want to try out a food joint that is of good quality and yet easy to locate, Mr T is your best bet. They have everything local and have gained a reputation for local dishes. This is not a place for anything continental. If your appetite is for fufu, Banku, Kokonte and the likes, just get a seat at Mr T and you will be alright.

Aboso) Chop Bar

This chop bar has become known as the Chop bar of class for the “Jones”. If you want to feel a person of class and want to dine with the “Jones” then visit Aboso). Located in the very old community of Betom, this is a place where you will find a lot of young “hustlers” in the city. If you love to hear tales of life while you eat from young people in the city, Aboso) is highly recommended.


From a humble beginning in the heart of town behind the UMB bank to its current location at the Kenkey Factory, Havilah has built a brand as a place of choice for orders. If you are in Koforidua for a program or an event that requires a restaurant that will prepare food for the masses, your best bet is Havilah. Visit the restaurant at Kenkey factory and have a bite of their delicious meals.


One of the oldest places of good food located obscurely at the GHNAT Hall and Guest House, Sophisticat has been around decades in Koforidua. If you do not want noise while you eat, if you want to be away from public eyes, this is a very good hideout.

Sophisticat has all that you will require from continentals to locals.

These are some of the top eating places in Koforidua.

Chris Café

The good old Chris Café was one of the leading places to eat from in the mid-90s in Koforidua, although they have lost their place to some emerging restaurants due to some factors. One could be that the visioner is no more and things have drastically changed.

Despite the change, Chris café still makes the best small chops (pastries) in Koforidua, their spring-rolls are in high demand, their Banku with Okro stew is still the delight for many in the city.

Located in the heart of the city within the SSNIT building, you have to visit the “Café” whenever you are in Koftwon.

Avenue Wuha Chop Bar (Formerly Aben wo ha)

Avenue is a very old chop bar, it is located at the Galloway Junction, this is the chop bar of choice if you are in the portion of town that will not allow you to get into the city centre and are anywhere around Korle, Nursing Training area, ICGC, Cultural Centre, Galloway, Sectech and their environs. The Visioneer of this chop bar passed away recently but the place has been rebranded and is bubbling again. This is the place where you will be greeted the aroma of boiled liver grounded with boiled ginger just to spice up your soup for the fufu.

Of course, if your host lives within the medical village, you can’t skip Avenue for any other.

In conclusion, this is not the exhaustive list of eating places in Koforiuda, the list is endless but these are 10 carefully selected ones out of the lot for you to try out. Of course, exploration is allowed!

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