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Tourists who visit the small town of Sanza in Italy usually prefer to lodge in the beachfront accommodations (beach resorts) in the town rather than in the hotels in the mainland, largely because they want to enjoy the view of the sea and have more fun on the beach which is a few metres away from their lodges as opposed to the hotels which could require them to board taxis to before getting to the beaches every day.

Now if you are one such tourist and are looking for the best beachfront accommodations in Sanza, you are just at the right place as we discuss the top beachfront accommodations in the small Italian town.

Villagio le Palme

Villagio le Palme is a family-friendly resort and has all the facilities desired to make your stay at the resort comfortable. More exciting, Villagio Le Palme is just 2kilometres from the Ascea Marnia Beach and Velia Ruins.

Hera Club Resort

Hera Club Resort is just 4km from the Marina Beach in Ascea and offers world-class standard facilities that would ensure you have a great vacation that would leave you wanting more. The location of the resort is Castelluccio, in Ascea.

Villa Aconchegante em Maratea Italia

Villa Aconchegante em Maratea Italia is located in Salerno, Sanza and is just three minutes’ drive from the popular Picollo Ranch and Cristo Redentore (Statue of Christ the Redeemer) while also directly overlooking the sea in Salerno.


Residence Pianetamaratea

Residence Pianetamaratea

Residence Pianetamaratea

Residence Pianetamaratea is situated in Basilicata and seven minutes’ drive from the Cristo Redentore. The closest beach is also less than 5km away from the resort.

Maratea Holiday Home

Maratea Holiday is located in Basilicata, a couple of kilometres from Sanza meaning tourists hoping to visit Sanza can choose to lodge at this resort and drive to Sanza during the day. Tourists can visit the Port of Maratea and Garotta Del Saraceno which are the closest attractions in the area.

NOTE: Beachfront accommodations in Sanza are very limited and usually tend to be fully booked most of the time hence it is suggested you make online reservations before going in order not to end up disappointed, in which case you would have to take up accommodation in a hotel in the town and drive to the beach every day.

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