Bagamoya Wildlife Estate: Where tourists interact with wild creatures

The mere mention of big cats like lion, cheetah, Leopards and tigers strike fear into some people if not all, but what if I tell you there is a place in this world where you can interact with these monstrous and powerful creatures, getting close to them and even touching them?


You probably are saying no, thanks. Well that’s totally understandable and fine but what if you could choose to interact and have physical contact with the cubs instead and even bottle-feed them? Sounds cool right? Well that is exactly what the Bagamoya Wildlife Estate in Bloemfontein, South Africa offers visitors.

Tourists who visit the facility get to interact with the wildlife at the estate, especially the cub lions, cheetahs, tigers and leopards who are too young to attack or pose danger to visitors.


For the brave hearts who wish to test their resolve and braveness, they are allowed to have physical contact with the old big cats but under the very strict supervision of tour guides.

Aside the big cats, Bagamoya Wildlife Estate also houses other herbivorous wildlife like the giraffe, elephants, zebra and antelopes in a different section of the estate and with the help of tour guides, rides can be taken  to that section to see these incredible and friendly creatures.

For tourists who intend to feed the lions and cheetahs, it is advisable to make a call to the zoo a day before and find out the feeding schedule before making the trip to the facility.

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Akesse Sanza

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