B Foster Bakery: All you need to know about Ghana’s most popular bread


Koforidua and its environs have not seen the last of competition in the “Bread League”. It used to be Nsawam Bread, then all eyes went on Tutu Bread as one journeyed from Accra to Koforidua through Aburi. You would not get to Koforidua or Aburi without friends and relatives asking for Tutu Bread. Then came Jofa Bread, which was always wrapped in paper. It dominated the Koforidua bread market for years and consumers can still remember Jofa with its cake-like taste and as though there was jostling for the most loved bread.


B Foster came onto the scene and has not dropped in rank!

B. Foster Bread

B. Foster Bread

The B Foster Bakery is located at the former roundabout that has now become known as B Foster Roundabout. The bakery has gained a reputation for making bread with a secret recipe that is known only to the baker.

Started by Officer Forster K. Berbiye, B Foster has occupied the number one spot on the “Bread League” for close to two decades. The brand, named after the Ghana Airforce Officer, has climbed up the ladder of the bread league to own the bragging rights. A visit to the Bakery in recent times shows an enlarged company that began as a small business.


After capturing the Koforidua market, B Foster has now succeeded in capturing a chunk of Ghana’s bread eating market. Any retailer who wants to trade in the commodity would have to join a long queue of retailers who await their turn to be served. Some retailers who spoke to confessed that sometimes one could wait and not get some of the bread to sell, and has to wait for the next day because as it stands the numbers of retailers who take the bread outside Koforidua to other regions have multiplied and they are normally served first.

One cannot travel outside Koforidua without the expectation of carrying B Foster; that would be haram! As such the bread has permeated successfully the Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale and other major cities in Ghana.

During the coronavirus partial lockdown of parts of the country, coupled with the stay-home directive, B Foster became a much sort after bread as a loaf of GHS 15 would last for an average family of 3 for a day or two.

What makes B Forster special is not known to the public yet as it remains a secret recipe. One can only wish that this legacy will live beyond the visioner and not vanish like Tutu Bread and Jofa Bread.

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