Ashanti Tourism in Focus: The Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary


Birds are one of the most amazing creatures of nature, with their ability to defy the norm and swim through the air, creating an amazing site that man can only watch and wonder, and ask how.


One of the few places in Ghana to see this amazing work of nature is the Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the Ashanti region. The sanctuary which is located in near Kumasi houses birds of all species and has been a home for birds since 1957 when the sanctuary was created under the leadership of Ghana’s first president Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to protect the ecosystem of the Bomfobiri area.

The sanctuary is regarded as one of the most distinct and unique wildlife centres in Ghana which receives thousands of tourists on a regular basis.

While the Bomfobiri Wildlife sanctuary began as an only-bird habitat, it has expanded in recent times to include other animals Like Baboons, Crocodiles, Buffalos, Mona Monkeys, Monitor Lizards and Bushbucks.


The reserve remains one of the best in Ghana in terms of wildlife tourism, due to the abundance of different types of animals at the sanctuary, especially the over hundred species of birds.

Beyond the presence of these animals, the reserve also boasts of other side attractions such as the Lion Stone (a naturally carved stone in the shape of a Lion), Wala waterfall, where visiting tourists are allowed to have a swim and cave touring for the daredevil and adventurous visitors.

The Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary is simply a one-in-all tourism destination for those in search of the ultimate tourism destination where all of nature’s beauty can be experienced. The best time to visit the reserve is in November or December when we are in the dry season, this increases tourists chance of seeing most of the animals as the animals usually wander deep into the forest to seek shelter and protection during the rainy season.

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