5 questions every US DV Lottery winner must answer before celebrating their win


Congrats to all winners of the United Stated Diversity Visa lottery for the fiscal year 2022.


Winners are to note that they’ve not won a visa or a green card but have only won the chance to further fight towards getting a green card to stay permanently in the United States. On your winning confirmation, you were told that selection does not guarantee that a visa would be issued to you or you would be scheduled for an interview.

US Visa denied Photo: lawandvisas

US Visa denied Photo: lawandvisas

While it is advisable to begin the process early, especially with those having lower case numbers, it is also prudent that you make sure you have assessed your chances of getting a visa before you go ahead to make any plans. Hold on with any jubilation and ask yourself these questions:

Did I pass English and Maths?

Only persons who have a pass in English and Mathematics in their High School examination (WASSCE/SSSCE) are eligible to receive a Diversity Visa. Though someone can claim eligibility based on an occupation, the issue of English and Maths grades would still end their dreams. If you don’t have a pass in these subjects, don’t worry yourself to process it. You will waste money on medicals and visa fees.

Do I have a criminal record?

You will be required to send a Police Clearance Certificate to the Kentucky Consular Center even before an interview is scheduled for you at the U.S. Embassy. If you have a criminal record that makes it impossible to obtain a ‘Police Report’, don’t waste your time to continue the process. The United States isn’t in a position to admit criminals.


Did I lie when registering?

If you said a lie or forgot to add some information at the type of making the entry, this can cost you your visa. If you used fake passport details, forgot to add your spouse or children, you will be denied a visa if these issues come up during your interview. If you were not married or had no kids at the time making the entry, but have kids or married now, then it’s ok to include them in your application.

Will I pass the Public Charge assessment?

Public Charge is like a ‘silent pistol’. It shoots you unware, and you only realise when dead. Many people who were denied visas based on Public Charge still do not know why they were denied. The U.S admits only people who are not likely to become a burden to the government. Once your situation indicates that you are likely to receive public benefits, your visa will be denied.

Several factors are considered when assessing if a person would become a public charge in the United States. Some of these include your health, age, assets, family size, Health insurance in the U.S., savings, skills, employment and income.

Have I read widely or sought advice?

Read widely on the current requirement for DV lottery winners. This is not the time to keep it a secret. Seek for advice. It is better to assess your chances before spending a penny on the process. Don’t complete the DS-260 form until you have assessed your chances, and put into consideration how the COVID-19 pandemic may affect your application. Completing the DS-260 form indicates your migration intent and may negatively affect your future non-immigrant application for a U.S visa.

If you have questions, you can leave them on my travel forum, and I will do well to answer them. Do you need one-on-one with me, you can contact me.

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