Who is in the EU but not part of the Schengen Area?

When it comes to European integration, two terms often come up: the European Union (EU) and the Schengen Area. While there is overlap between the two, it’s important to note that not all EU member states are part of the Schengen Area. In this blog post, we will explore which countries are in the EU but not part of the Schengen Area, providing you with a better understanding of the European landscape.


EU vs. Schengen

The European Union is a political and economic union comprising 27 member states. Its primary objectives include the promotion of peace, economic cooperation, and the freedom of movement within its member states. On the other hand, the Schengen Area is a zone within the EU where passport controls have been abolished, allowing for the free movement of people between member states.

EU Countries Outside the Schengen Area

The following countries are part of the EU but have not joined the Schengen Area:

a. Bulgaria and Romania: Both countries became EU members in 2007 but have not yet joined the Schengen Area. Negotiations are ongoing, and certain criteria must be met for their full participation.

b. Cyprus: Despite being an EU member since 2004, Cyprus is not part of the Schengen Area. This is due to the unresolved political situation on the island.


c. Ireland: Ireland has chosen not to be a part of the Schengen Area. The Common Travel Area between Ireland and the United Kingdom allows for the free movement of people without passport controls.

Traveling within the EU

While these countries may have different entry requirements and border controls, EU citizens generally enjoy the freedom to travel and reside within any EU member state, regardless of their Schengen status. However, non-EU citizens may need to adhere to specific visa and entry requirements when traveling to these countries.

Importance of Knowing Schengen Status

When planning your European travels, it’s crucial to be aware of the Schengen status of each country. This will help you understand visa requirements, border controls, and the duration of your stay within the Schengen Area.

While the European Union promotes cooperation and freedom of movement among its member states, not all EU countries have joined the Schengen Area. Understanding which countries are in the EU but not part of the Schengen Area is essential for travelers, as it can impact visa requirements and border controls. By staying informed and planning accordingly, you can navigate your European adventures with ease and make the most of your journey across this diverse continent.

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