What country is Koforidua

Koforidua is in the West African country of Ghana, formerly called the Gold Coast until it gained independence on March 6, 1957. The first in the subregion to have gained independence from colonial rule, it is a country known for the lovely nature of citizens and their hospitable nature.

Ghana currently has 16 regions. And the Eastern Region is one of the largest whose regional capital is Koforidua.

The city of Koforidua is the closest regional capital to the national capital city of Accra. It is approximately less than a two-hour drive and probably less depending on the state of traffic in Accra. Once in the city, what greets you is its calmness, a sharp contrast to what one sees on entering Accra. Its people are mostly Akans interspersed with some other tribes. It is, therefore, a little city with a heterogeneous population. You can get into the city from Accra through two routes, either through Aburi or Nsawam. It is suggested that you use the Aburi road because it offers a straight forward short route despite its mountainous nature.

The city is host to two Universities, one public and the other private. These are the Koforidua Technical University and the All Nations University respectively. It also has one of the best and the most sort after place for the training of nurses and midwives, the Koforidua Midwifery and Nursing Training College.

The city also has the largest beads market in West Africa and the only one of its kind in Ghana, it is a wonderful sight to behold several beads sellers in one location. The sheer size of the market and the different types of beads and craft that are made out of beads will get you stunned.

This city further hosts the famous Mountain that houses several Telecommunication masts. The Obour Tabiri Mountain. It is 781feet into the sky.

The city has a lot of places to eat from and to lodge. Some of the hotels you should be on the lookout for are the Mac Dic Royal Hotel, Eastern Premier Hotel, Capital View Hotel and the Koforidua Hotel, just to name a few. Restaurants available to you in the city include the Linda Dor, Chris Café and Havilah. There are countless fufu eating joints as well. Famous among them the Abease chop bar.

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