Turkish Visa Application In Ghana: Detailed Travel Itinerary or Tour Plan


The Turkish Embassy in Ghana requires tourist visa applicants to include in their application a detailed travel itinerary or tour plan for the period they intend to be in Turkey.

This is a new requirement and was communicated to the public through the notice board at the MS Visa Application Center.

What is a travel itinerary or tour plan?

A tour itinerary is a detailed plan or schedule that outlines the activities, destinations, and timelines for a specific tour or trip. It provides a day-by-day breakdown of the planned activities, including sightseeing, transportation, accommodations, meals, and any other relevant details.

A typical tour itinerary may include the following components:


  1. Dates and Duration: It specifies the start and end dates of the tour, as well as the total duration of the trip.
  2. Destination Overview: It provides a brief overview of the main destinations to be visited during the tour.
  3. Daily Activities: It outlines the activities planned for each day of the tour. This can include visiting attractions, participating in guided tours, engaging in adventure activities, or free leisure time.
  4. Transportation: It indicates the modes of transportation used throughout the tour, such as flights, trains, buses, or private vehicles. It may also include details like departure and arrival times, as well as any transfers or connections.
  5. Accommodations: It specifies the hotels, guesthouses, or other accommodations where participants will stay during the tour. This may include information about room types, amenities, and locations.
  6. Meals: It indicates the meals included in the tour package, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It may also mention any special dietary requirements or arrangements.
  7. Optional Activities: It may provide a list of optional activities or excursions that participants can choose to participate in at an additional cost.
  8. Important Information: It includes any essential information or instructions for participants, such as visa requirements, health, and safety guidelines, packing recommendations, and contact details for the tour operator or local guides.

Tour itineraries can be provided by travel agencies, tour operators, independent travel planners, or planned by the tourists themselves using resources available online and in magazines. They serve as a guide for participants, ensuring a structured and organized experience while allowing for flexibility and personal exploration within the scheduled activities.

Detailed Travel Itinerary or Tour Plan Samples

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