DV Lottery: New changes require that applicant owns a passport; and it’s for the better

You could be one of the regular applicants who are not winning the US DV Lottery because someone who has access to your data has been registering you unknowingly every year to cause a double entry, one of the grounds for being disqualified in the program.

The US federal government has announced changes to the popular Diversity Visa Lottery program which gives green cards to 50,000 foreigners each year.

In the new reform, foreigners or people who wish to take part in the lottery must first and foremost possess valid and unexpired national passports of their countries without which they cannot take part in the lottery. Applicants would be required to enter their passport details as part of the registration process. This is to leave people who register others without their consent with no option than to stop since they wouldn’t have access to their passport details.

According to the Department, the new rule has become necessary due to the high number of fraudulent practices in the application process, usually carried out by organizations who apply on behalf of people and sometimes without the people’s knowledge or consent and end up charging them a fee when they are selected. The new rule aims to curb this practice and ensure that individuals enter the draw themselves and halt the fraudulent activities of such organisations.

The new requirement takes effect from DV 2021 which will begin at a date yet to be announced, probably in October 2019. Get your passports ready if you intend participating in DV 2021.

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DV 2021: Mistakes you should avoid even before registration begins

The Diversity Visa program, which is administered by the US State Department, makes 50,000 permanent resident visas available annually to nationals of countries with low immigration rates to the United States over the previous five years.

Many have been victims of Diversity Visa-related frauds and have missed out the chance of even entering the past draws.

As interested people await on the US Department of State to announce the date for the DV 2021 registration, some fake sites and individuals have already started their registration. Jetsanza.com through this article wants to update readers of what’s currently happening  and what’s about happen.

What is happening now?

Currently, DV 2019 winners are still attending their interviews and they should complete their visa journey latest  September 30, 2019.

DV 2020 entrants, those that registered between October 3rd, 2018 and November 6th, 2018, are also checking the status of their entries. The US State Department will begin processing visas and conducting interviews for the winners starting in October, 2019.

So if you are not a DV 2019 winner, or DV 2020 entrant, then you currently have nothing to do DV-related. Anything you are following aside these two is probably a scam.

DV 2021 Registration Opened?

Registration for DV 2021 is not yet opened. The period for registration is usually in October/November. There are several websites, Internet Cafes and Registration Centers that “have opened” their own registration. These are not legit.

Mistakes to avoid in DV 2021

Checks by Jetsanza.com reveal that most of the registrations going on at the internet cafes and in towns are to collect data of interested people and have them registered when the official registration period is opened by the US Department of State.

Avoid this practice at all cost. Leaving your data with these guys means you won’t have the registration confirmation once they make the registration on your behalf. You need the confirmation to check the status of your entry and to process your visa if you are selected. It has also been revealed that once they have your details, they keep registering you every year. The program requires that a photo of over 6 months should not be used. Using the same photo  yearly is one of the reasons you are not winning. Even those who are lucky to win are requested to pay huge sums of monies to have access to their registration confirmations.

In summary, if you intend registering for DV 2021, the registration isn’t yet opened. Wait for the announcement to be made on the official DV lottery website.

Reps from the US Embassy in Ghana spoke on how many people disqualify themselves unknowingly. Read from here.

Why is it almost impossible to get visa to Egypt in Ghana?

If you are a Ghanaian who wishes to visit Egypt and failed to do so during the Africa Cup of Nations 2019 (AFCON 2019), then you probably have to wait till the country hosts the tournament again as it is almost impossible to get visa from the Egyptian Embassy in Ghana. If you have plans of seeing the River Nile in Egypt, then you better go to Uganda as  it flows there as well since you may not want to wait for weeks/months to hear that the Egyptian Embassy has denied your visa application for no reason.

Many people, like myself, who has visited Egypt did so while on transit to other countries. Passengers transiting Cairo with longer transfer hours are taken into hotels in the city as they wait for their connecting flights. I got the chance to see Egypt while traveling to China in 2015. I spent few hours in the city and wanted to visit the country later to explore it proper.

I lodged an application at the Embassy in 2016 with high hopes of visiting Egypt. They have a very simple visa application process and the attendant told me that applications are sent to Egypt for approval. As a frequent traveler with history of spending a day in Egypt, I expected to hear something positive from the embassy in few days/weeks for my visa. I waited for weeks and nothing was happening. I needed my documents for other businesses so I went there for them and was told I will still be called once a decision is made on my application. It’s almost 2020 and I’m still waiting to hear from the embassy whether my application has been approved or denied.

My case isn’t alone. I have had several complaints from people who experienced same. A friend of mine who was determined to visit Egypt again after he transited there also witnessed same.

Kwame Asiedu (name changed) booked one of the expensive hotels in Egypt, paid for airline ticket hoping to have a good time in Cairo but Kwame was lucky; not that he was given a visa, but at least he heard from the embassy that the visa has been denied. There seems to be only one employee at the embassy as the woman told Kwame that no one picks calls when she’s not around. This was after Kwame complained that none of his many calls were answered.

Freda Obeng-Ampofo also shared her experience on Google. She rated the Embassy 1 out of 5 and said “Terrible. I was in the waiting room with others for over two hours before an older lady came to see us, even that, she seemed very unenthusiastic. The place was blazing hot and super unwelcoming.”

Why then an Egyptian Embassy in Ghana?

The embassy does not have a website. It only owns a Facebook page and even that, it has nothing visa related. The Facebook page is a special one for the commercial department of the embassy, yes commercial. This tells the interest of the embassy in Ghana.

Reviews on the embassy on Google by Egyptians in Ghana are either 4 or 5 out of 5 and this also tells that they are here in the interest of their people resident in Ghana and provide them with the best of service to deserve the 5/5 ratings. Safaa Ismail reviewed on Google “The Egyptian Embassy in Accra provides services to Egyptians in Ghana”.

Ghana and Egypt

Ghana and Egypt have had strong relations since we gained independence from Britain in 1957. Our first president Kwame Nkrumah married an Egyptian and his popularity in Egypt strengthens our relations. But it looks like Ghana isn’t gaining much from these relations. In 2012 alone, Egyptians exports to Ghana amounted to about $70 million while Egyptians imports from Ghana was about $12 million, according to Egypt Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) website. We don’t have easy access to the country so there is no way we can export much aside the usual Cocoa and Timber. Egypt on the other hand has flooded the Ghanaian market with building materials, paints, cement and steel structures for buildings, food, juices, and shuttle buses, the MFA confirms on its website.

The Government of Ghana encourages exportation but without us traveling to foreign countries to explore, network and establish business relationships, there is no way we can export. While Egypt brings in almost everything, we send nothing to them aside Timber and Cocoa which are handled by the government.

As President Akufo Addo signs mutual travel agreements between countries, he should consider Egypt as well because any trade deal signed would be to their benefit only if we have no means to visit their country.

Egyptians visiting Ghana can get on the next available flight to Accra and get a 30-day visa on arrival at the airport while it’s almost impossible for Ghanaians visiting Egypt to obtain visas.

Ghanaian passport ranks ahead of Egyptian passport and tightening visa requirement for Ghanaians isn’t fair. According to Henley Passport Index, Egyptian passport is ranked 95th in the world while Ghana’s is ranked 80th. Ghanaian passport travels to 64 countries visa-free and Egypt’s travels to  49 countries visa-free. Ghanaians truly don’t deserve this struggle in obtaining visa to Egypt.

Despite rising calls for countries in Africa to take away their borders, Egypt and others like Mauritius seem to be tightening theirs.

Do you have any experience to share? Email [email protected] or Whatsapp +233 269825999.

South Africa Visa-free travel for Ghana to take effect in September 2019

Department of Home Affairs minister, Aaron Motsoaledi has said his department would implement visa waivers for Ghana, Cuba and Principe and Sao Tome after negotiations with these countries have been concluded.

The Home Affairs is scheduled to complete these negotiations by the end of August 2019 and the implementation will follow soon thereafter, he said.

“We took this decision unilaterally but we are engaging these countries to see how they can relax entry requirements for our citizens.” the minister said.

South Africa visa-free status to nationals from four new countries takes effect today.

“As from today, 15 August 2019, travellers from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand will no longer require a visa to visit South Africa for holidays, conferencing and business meeting visits,” Motsoaledi said.

“I am glad to say that Qatar has already waived visa requirements for South Africans and this will enable our people to attend Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 easier,” he said.

DIVERSITY VISA LOTTERY 2020: 1,343 Ghanaians selected for further processing

1,343 lucky Ghanaians are among approximately 83,884 applicants who have been randomly selected for further processing in the United States Diversity Immigrant Visa Program.

The U.S Department of State made this known in its August 2019 Visa Bulletin.

The number of people selected from Ghana have been reducing for the past years. In 2011, 6002 Ghanaians were selected. 3,170, 3,549, and 2,484 Ghanaians were selected in DV 2017, DV 2018 and DV 2019 respectively. DV 2020 sees the least number of Ghanaians ever in the history of the program.

Selection does not guarantee issuance of a visa. According to the Visa Bulletin, principal applicants must provide proof of a high school education or its equivalent, or show two years of work experience in an occupation that requires at least two years of training or experience within the past five years.

Applicants who registered for the DV-2020 program are to check the status of their entrants and process their applications without delay as selectees have only up to September 30, 2020 to complete the entire process.

Congrats to all winners!

Click to HERE to check your entrant status.

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