Passengers sick on Emirates Airline’s Dubai-New York flight

Ten people have been taken ill after an Emirates airline jetliner arrived at New York’s JFK airport.

The plane was quarantined as those on board were checked by health officials. Several people were taken to hospital.

Emirates Airline: The passengers are being checked out by health professionals  PHOTO: CBS
Emirates Airline: The passengers are being checked out by health professionals PHOTO: CBS

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that initially about 100 people including some crew had complained of illness.

Flight 203 from Dubai arrived at 09:10 local time (13.10 GMT) with 521 passengers on board.

Emergency vehicles were seen on the runway as it landed.

Soon afterwards, Emirates airline tweeted that the sick passengers were being attended to and those who were unaffected would be allowed to leave the plane.

The CDC said in a statement that is was “aware of an Emirates flight from Dubai that arrived this morning at JFK”.

“Approximately 100 passengers, including some crew on the flight, complained of illness including cough and some with fever.

“CDC public health officers are working with… officials to evaluate passengers including taking temperatures and making arrangements for transport to local hospitals those that need care.”

Later Eric Phillips, spokesman for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, confirmed that the sick people were on their way to hospital.

Larry Coben, a passenger on the plane, posted pictures on Twitter of unaffected passengers being checked as they disembarked.

ABC News reports that the pilot raised concerns prior to landing that some of the passengers were coughing and experiencing high temperatures.

Food poisoning is suspected as a cause.

But Mr Phillips said that some of the passengers had originally come from the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca, which was currently experiencing a flu outbreak, and that this was also being considered as a possible cause.

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Passion Air: New airline begins operations in Ghana

A new indigenous carrier, Passion Air, has taken delivery of its first 78 seater aircraft, Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 which paves way for the airline to begin domestic operations.

Passion Air which will begin with three daily flights to Kumasi from Accra, and they are also scheduled to fly to Tamale and Takoradi.

Passion Air: Aircraft arrives in Ghana
Passion Air: Aircraft arrives in Ghana

The coming in of Passion Air will end the monopoly currently being enjoyed by Africa World Airlines (AWA) the only domestic airline servicing the Accra-Kumasi-Accra; Accra-Takoradi-Accra; and Accra-Tamale-Accra routes.

It will also give options to the travelling public, ending the shortage of options to patrons of the domestic aviation industry in the face of the growing demand for seats on AWA, due to the gap left by Starbow, Fly 540, Antrak and City Link.

Passengers currently will have to pay higher fares to fly with only one domestic airline operating.

Speaking at a short ceremony to welcome Passion Air’s new aircraft, the Managing Director of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) Simon Allottey said the coming in of the airline to the domestic space was timely to give passengers another option but caution the airline against lateness.

“You have come at the right time to bring relief to domestic passengers who have been battling with only one airline in that space. But there is the need to be on time with flights by making sure that if you say that the flight is 2 pm, you take off that 2 pm otherwise you will not get patronage.”

Mr. Allottey added that there is also the need to collaborate by forming alliances with bigger carriers and also consider even venturing into regional operations.

On his part, the Managing Director of the Ghana Airport Company Limited John Dekyem Attafuah who commended Passion on their decision to commence full domestic commercial operations in Ghana said the airport company was happy to welcome them to their fold.

He was hopeful the coming of Passion air will provide the needed competition and an alternative to the travelling public with connectivity and affordability in terms of fares.

Speaking to Joy Business, the Commercial Manager, Passion Air, Anita Khoury said the airline is actually expecting two more aircraft soon which will service all the three main routes being Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi.

“Our operational plan is that we will start operating three daily flights, Accra-Kumasi with the first aircraft, that might last for just a few days—and then up until five frequencies per day.

We will be expecting our second aircraft in a maximum of two weeks. The second aircraft when it comes in, then we will introduce Tamale and increase the Accra-Kumasi frequency too. When the third aircraft comes in, we will introduce Takoradi scheduled operation and further increase the frequency on Tamale.”

Madam Khoury added that the introduction of Passion Air and the comfortable schedules they offer will stimulate the domestic market.

The Commercial Manager, Passion Air, added that the price is very competitive as the airline is beginning with a 250 Cedis one way fair to Kumasi or if one is flying to Accra.

On booking systems, she said it is very user-friendly as it is possible for the public to book, pay online, and check-in online from the convenience of their homes, offices and wherever they may be.

Kumasi Airport to be opened for international travels

The Ministry for Aviation has began works to make Kumasi Airport a point of origin for international travels.

This announcement comes after President Akufo-Addo cut the sod for the phase two of the Kumasi International Airport which includes a new terminal and an expansion of the Kumasi airport runway.

“Since last year, we have been engaging airlines operating in the country to consider making arrangement for flight tickets to originate from Kumasi so that passengers will transit through Accra” The Minister for Aviation, Cecilia Abena Dapaah explained.

What this will imply is that tickets will for example read, Kumasi –Accra-Lagos or Kumasi –Accra – Dubai etc.

Making Kumasi a place of Origin brings it to its international standards and will create room for more airlines to operate in Ghana’s aviation sector.

Phase II project

In December 2017, Financial Agreements for the Phase II development of the Kumasi Int. Airport was signed between the Ministry of Finance, acting for and on behalf of the government, and Satander S/A which came into effect in April 2018.

The Phase II will see an extension of the runway from the current 1981 meters to 2,300 meters. This, when completed will enable the airport to handle large planes that require an extended runway to land and take off safely.

A new international terminal to handle approximately 1,000,000 passengers per anum is also to be constructed as part of Phase II of the project.

Rise in commercial and trading activities

The Ashanti Region is the most populous and one of the fastest-growing regions in the country.

Kumasi, the Ashanti (formerly spelt Asante) Regional capital has historically been an important reference for the use of Adinkra symbols and craftsmanship. With sprawling vegetation cover, the city is an important tourist destination noted for its commerce, mining and manufacturing.

Over the past two decades, there has been rapid growth in commercial activities in the city, chiefly because of its ideal location in the middle-belt of the country. After Accra, Kumasi is the second-largest city in Ghana in terms of size and population.

Traders, farmers and cattle owners from Brong Ahafo and the northern parts of Ghana bring their wares to large markets in Kumasi to sell every day. A visit to the Kejetia Market, West Africa’s largest open-air market right in the heart of Kumasi, reveals a large volume of trade carried out on a daily basis.

U.K – Australia Isn’t World’s Longest Flight | Check out The Top 10 World’s Longest Flights

The maiden flight (Qantas 9 – QF9) of a new non-stop regular service between Australia and the UK arrived at London Heathrow on Saturday.

With a flight time of over 17 hours, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner completed the 9,008-mile journey to arrive slightly earlier than the scheduled arrival time.

Despite Qantas 9 (QF9) making headlines for it’s historic journey from Perth to London, it is not the longest commercial flight. Below are the Top 10 World’s Longest Commercial Flights.

  • Doha-Auckland, Qatar Airways, 9,028 miles
  • London-Perth, Qantas, 9,008 miles
  • Dubai-Auckland, Emirates, 8,824 miles
  • Sydney-Dallas, Qantas, 8,578 miles
  • Atlanta-Johannesburg, Delta, 8,439 miles
  • San Francisco-Singapore, United Airlines & Singapore Airlines, 8,446 miles
  • Abu Dhabi-Los Angeles, Etihad, 8,390 miles
  • Dubai-Los Angeles, Emirates, 8,339 miles
  • Jeddah-Los Angeles, Saudia, 8,332 miles
  • Doha-Los Angeles, Qatar Airways, 7,202 miles

Ten (10) Consideration For Travelers In Buying Air Tickets

Most often, purchasing travel tickets are perceived to be a cash-and-carry thing but travelers usually end up paying much than they budgeted for.

The cheapest fares usually ends up to be the most expensive ones especially, when we are not sure of our travel dates or if the tickets does not offer the option of date change.

These are ten (10) guidelines to aid you make a better choice, when you intend buying an air ticket for your trip.

1. Check which airlines you can use without a transit visa or if you have the necessary documents to use the airline

Travel agents mostly assume you have all the necessary documents for your trip, so they sell tickets to you without hesitation. Depending on your passport and other documents, it may require you get a transit visa to be able to use some airlines with the exception of flights that do not make stops.

Check with the airline first if you require a transit visa. Travels to certain destinations may require an “OK to board”. The airline examines your travel documents and cross-checks them with the respective issuing authorities before they give you the nod to purchase the ticket.

Check with the airline thoroughly before tickets are purchased because you will be denied boarding if you require an “OK to board”. Asians traveling on Emirates requires this when traveling to certain destinations. Certain airlines require holders of Ghana passports traveling with e-visas to apply for an “OK to board”.

If you need it, the airline will direct you on how to get it done.