Endangered Primate Breeding Centre of Accra Zoo Receives Support

A wildlife and nature conservation non-governmental organisation (NGO), West Africa Primate Conservation Action (WAPCA), has  provided resources for the renovation and refurbishment of  the Endangered Primate Breeding Centre, an extension of the Accra Zoo.

The NGO which focuses on ensuring the survival of animals on the brink of extinction and helping renovate centres that house these animals made this known during a ceremony held in Accra.

The project manager of WAPCA, Mrs. Andrea Dempsey, said as part of the project, Ghana and the EU exchanged the rare Mangaebey and Roloway Geunon monkeys in a bid to promote interbreeding and maintain high genetic diversity, which increases the survival rate and growth of the monkeys.

The beneficiary institution of the project, the Accra Zoo, has been on the brink of collapse in recent years due to the lack of facilities and government support.

However manager of the Zoo, Mr. Tamanja, at the meeting with the NGO said the Accra Zoo found in the Achimota forest is still very much alive and receives huge patronage contrary to public perception that the Zoo is no longer functional.

Mr. Tamanja nevertheless admitted that animal reservation centres like the Accra Zoo needs help and urged more NGOs to emulate WAPCA in coming to the assistance of the Zoo and helping to refurbish the animal reserve centre.

WAPCA is an organisation formed by the Heidelberg Zoo in Germany and is funded by the membership of eleven European zoos


Zoos In Ghana

If you reside in Ghana or are planning to visit Ghana, consider to visit any of our zoos to see how endangered species of animals have been protected.

List of Zoos In Ghana

Kumasi Zoo

The Kumasi Zoological gardens started operations 1957 and has since been a great place worth visiting. The zoo provides necessary shelters for all endangered species of animals.

The zoo has about 60 kinds of different species of animals including lion, tigers, snakes, buffaloes, chimpanzees, among others.

It is a major tourist attraction in Kumasi.

You can locate the Kumasi Zoo in the Ashanti Region of Ghana at the Kejetia Bus Terminal near the Kumasi Centre for National Culture.

Accra Zoo

The Accra Zoo is located at the Achimota forest in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. It is a home to different species of animals.

The zoo is operated from Monday to Sunday, 9am – 4pm.

Endangered Primate Breeding Centre of Accra Zoo Receives Support

Attractions in Ghana: Kumasi Zoo

The Kumasi Zoo, also known as the Kumasi Zoological Garden is one of the last remaining zoos in Ghana, located in the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi.  The Zoo occupies a total land size of 370 acres between the Centre for National Culture and Kejetia Bus Terminal.

The construction of the zoo began in 1951 but was officially completed and opened in 1957 under the presidency of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in a bid to conserve wild animals especially the ones which are scarce and on the brink of extinction.

Over the course of the decades, the zoo has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ghana for animal lovers who visit the zoo to have a close look at some of the animals kept there.

However, in recent times, the Zoo has been on the brink of closing down due to the lack of government support for the centre. Several news reports claimed visits to the site had decreased drastically over the last few years, while facilities at the centre keep getting old without any effort by government and responsible authorities to replace them.

Animals such as lions, Civets, Olive Baboon, Warthog, Bay Dulker, Green Monkey, Ostrich and Chimpanzee which used to abound at the Zoo had decreased greatly in terms of numbers, and only a handful are left.

Nevertheless, the Kumasi Zoo remains one of the most patronized tourist sites in the Ashanti Region, with the potential to become one of Ghana’s finest tourist destinations if the state would give it the needed support.