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Police Clearance Certificate In Ghana: How To Get Police Report In Ghana For Travelling Visa

In some cases, visa applicants and travellers are to produce a Police Clearance Certificate to certify that they have no criminal records in their country. This is mostly required by persons applying to stay in a country for a longer period or permanently. If the application requires a Police Report, the embassy or office handling...Read More

Self-employed? These are the relevant documents needed to support your visa application

The outcome of visa applications are mostly dependant on the economic ties of the visa applicants. Most at times, self-employed applicants get confused as to how to prove their employment and finances when making visa applications. It is impossible to include documents on your finances and not adding those of your employment, and the vice...Read More

Bank Statement For Visa Application: How much balance is enough? puts together this piece as part of its effort to make travelling easy, safe and affordable by providing the needed guidance to assist travellers do away with Visa Contractors/Connection men and the associated problems. Bank Statement is considered an important document when it comes to visa application though some countries do not place much...Read More

Yellow Fever – Is the certificate mightier than the vaccine?

Yellow Fever vaccination is one of the foremost things you would have to consider when making travel arrangements, as the World Health Organization (WHO) reports 30,000 deaths yearly due to this disease. The introduction of the vaccine brought some form of relief to the traveller, however, since the introduction, authorities are making the everyday traveller...Read More

Ghana Passport Online Application: Guidelines, Processing Times, Fees, Duration and Tracking

Applying for Ghana Passport in Ghana Applying for Ghana Passport in the UK Applying for Ghana Passport in Berlin, Germany Passport is a requirement for all international trips except where bilateral agreements permit the use of National ID cards. has prepared these simple guide to aid you through the passport application process. The online...Read More

Yellow Fever Vaccination Card: Validity, Vaccination Centers, Replacement, Affected Countries

Yellow fever is a medical condition caused by species of mosquito commonly found in Africa and South America. Because there is no specific treatment for the disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends getting a vaccine before travelling to or from certain areas. Yellow Fever vaccination is one of the foremost things you would have...Read More

Switzerland Travel Itinerary For Swiss Visa Application: Sample and things to consider

Persons visiting Switzerland as tourists are to include in their visa applications a probable travel plan on how they intend spending their days in the country. You can prepare your itinerary by visiting several tourist websites that publish on Switzerland tours and attractions. I will share with you on the plausible plan I used...Read More
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