Mountains in Ghana
Abasua Prayer Camp at Atwea Mountains PHOTO: See Africa

Atwea Mountains Location: How to get to Atwea Mountains

The Atwea Mountains, as it is famously called has evolved to become one of the most popular and patronized prayer mountains in Ghana. According to historians, the act of ascending the mountain by Christians began some decades ago when one local Methodist Pastor in Atwea named Abraham Osei-Assibey climbed the Atwea Stone to go and...Read More
Abasua Prayer Camp at Atwea Mountains PHOTO: See Africa

Atwea Mountains: Where tourism meets religion

Atwea Mountain, located in Atwea in the Sekyere Central District of the Ashanti region is undoubtedly one of the most famous mountains in Ghana, probably second only to the renowned Mount Afadja in the Volta region. But what makes Atwea Mountain so famous? Unlike most mountainous landscapes which are famous for their attraction of tourists,...Read More
Abasua Prayer Camp

Abasua Prayer Camp: Atwea Mountains history and location

Abasua Prayer Camp is located on the Atwea Mountain in the Sekyere Central District of the Ashanti region and is known to be the first prayer camp established on the mountain before other Christian bodies also established various prayer camps on the mountain. Historically, Atwea Mountain was just another normal mountain in Ghana with no...Read More
Mount Afadja PHOTO: ryan-bolton.

Mount Afadjato: Origin of name, activities and nearby attractions

Mount Afadja is located in the small village of Liati Wote in the Hohoe district of the Volta region. Arguably the most talked-about mountain in Ghana, Mount Afadja, is the tallest mountain and highest point in Ghana measuring approximately 2,904 ft above sea level. At the top of the mountain, one can see some parts...Read More
Mount Afadjato PHOTO: Beautiful Ghana

Mount Afadjato is a blessing to us – Chief

Chief of Gblede, Gbogame Togbe Adagra VI believes his town and people are lucky to have the tallest mountain in Ghana located in their enclave. Mount Afadja, popularly known as Mountain Afadjato, is the highest mountain in Ghana and have in the past received arguably one of the highest patronage as a tourist site. According...Read More
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