La Pleasure Beach: A Brief Profile of Ghana’s most visited beach

Ghana is a country blessed with abundant beaches. These beaches are among the most visited tourist destinations by tourists, especially on holidays and festive periods. One such beach is the Labadi Beach in La, a suburb of Accra.

The Labadi Beach, popularly known as La Pleasure Beach, is regarded as one of the most visited beaches in Ghana, surrounded by some of the finest hotels in the sub-region, for tourists who would like to stay close to the sea and enjoy the breeze.

While the beach continues to attract tourists, especially those visiting Ghana for the first time, it continues to suffer from opening defecation, prompting the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to launch operations to curve this menace.

Aside from receiving visitors, La Pleasure Beach is also noted for hosting events and major entertainment shows on public holidays, with artists organizing musical concerts for their fans. Keep fit clubs also hold exercise and keep fit activities at the beach on a regular basis, usually in the morning.

Labadi Beach is yet to fully utilize its potentials and could become a world-class beach capable of being compared to famous beaches in Miami and Barcelona if appropriate measures are put in place to put an end to issues like open defecation at some part of the beach as well as bringing an end to the constant littering of the beach.

La Pleasure beach resort closed down by authorities

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has closed down the La Pleasure beach resort, a popular beach resort in Accra as part of a special decongestion exercise to curb insanitary condition.

The continuous littering of waste which chokes gutters goes untreated and finally run into water bodies and above all the beaches.

Human activities on the beach go from picnicking to swimming, from mining sand to fishing. Any of these activities might impact the beach environment positively or negatively.

Poor sanitation along the beach pollutes the environment and atmosphere and this inevitably leads to the outbreak of diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, typhoid malaria and other perilous diseases which have claimed many precious lives of the past and still claiming the lives of many poor children and adults.

And this goes a long way to retard economic development since a lot of money is wasted by the government in treating these diseases.

The task force during a visit to some beaches in Accra captured plastic waste engulfing the area.

Diapers and other solid waste was also a part of the sanitation problem which forced the task force to close down the beach resort.