Top 5 Parks in Ghana in this post highlights the top parks in Ghana, their location and other relevant information that may be of interest to tourists visiting parks in Ghana.

Below are the Top 5 Parks in Ghana ( in no particular order)

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is located at the Central Region of Ghana and it is one of the most popular parks in Ghana.  A lot of local and foreign tourists visit this park each year.

The park has a tropical rainforest serving as a habitat for many species of fauna, flora and animal.

The endangered Diana monkey, the yellow-backed duiker and the African elephant can be found at this beautiful park.

The most popular activity at the park is the Kakum canopy walkway; a 350m high walkway.  The park now has a Children’s Park.

Mole National Park

Located in Wa, Mole National Park is one of the most sought-after parks in Ghana. It covers an area of 4500 square kilometers and houses diverse species of animals including hippos, buffalo, leopards, lions, elephants and several plant species.

The Mole and Lovi rivers pass through the park charmingly. The area receives around 1000 millimeters of rainfall a year, and this helps to sustain all living creatures.

Bia National Park

Bia National Park is located in the Western Region of Ghana, close to Sekondi-Takoradi. This park serves as a habitat for varieties of animals and plants. The tallest tree is West Africa is located right in this park.

It has a land size of 563 square kilometer with lodges and modern guest houses surrounding it to provide accommodation needs.

Bui National Park

The Bui National Park the third largest National Park in Ghana and its located in Tain in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. The park bisects the Black Volta and houses a large population of hippopotamus. Aside the hippos, you will see animals like antelopes, monkeys and different species of birds.

Digya National Park

Digya National Park is located on the beautiful shores of the Lake Volta. It serves as a home to elephants as well as varieties of plants.

Situated in Brong Ahafo, the park covers an expansive 3500 square kilometers. You get the opportunity to see over 200 species of birds in this park. Crocodiles and other aquatic animals also make the site worth visiting.

The forests of Digya are also breathtaking.

Tourist Sites in Ghana: Kakum National Park

Located in the coastal environs of the Central Region of Ghana, Kakum National Park protects an area of rainforest and serves as home to several endangered mammals including forest elephants, bongo antelopes and primates like the Diana monkey.

The park is also rich in butterflies and birds; African grey parrots and hornbills.

The Canopy Walkway, suspended 30 meters above the ground, is a major feature of the site. It provides treetop views of the forest.

In 2000, the Park was listed under UNESCO’s tentative List of World Heritage Sites after the Museums and Monuments Board of Ghana proposed that it should be declared a natural World Heritage Site.

In 2017, the Park introduced a Children’s Park. The less publicised Children’s Park is an artificial version of the main park with a smaller canopy walkway designed for children.

Children's Park, Kakum National Park. PHOTO CREDIT: Ekow Simpson
Children’s Park, Kakum National Park. PHOTO CREDIT: Ekow Simpson

Park in a Park: Children’s Park at Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is located 33 kilometres north of Cape Coast and Elmina near the small village of Abrafo. It is easily accessible by taxis from the town center but most visitors arrive in organized tour buses.

The Park is one of the must-visit attractions in Ghana recommended by

Things to do at Kakum National Park

  • Canopy Walkway
  • Hiking
  • Nature Park
  • Animal Viewing
  • Bird Watching on Canopy Walkway
  • Camping and Tree House

Other facilities available:

  • Lodging (Rainforest Lodge)
  • Conference Room

Entrance Fees:

Entrance fees for Kakum National Park
Entrance fees for Kakum National Park

Contact Visitor Centre:

(00233) 0332130265, 0501291699, 0501291687

Kakum National Park Entrance Fees; Photography Fees, Camping Fees, Room Rates For Lodging

Kakum National Park charges both Ghanaians and foreign tourists various sums of monies before they are allowed to make use of the various attractions and facilities at the park.

Below is a comprehensive list of fees you would be expected to pay at the park


Adults               25.00                   60.00
Students (Tertiary)               13.00                   40.00
Students (Secondary)               6.00                   40.00
Pupil Child               4.00                   30.00



Still Camera – GHC400.00

Video Camera – GHC 1000.00

Note: for commercial photography and filming, you must contact the park manager first before proceeding to make payment to any staff.




Adults; Between GHC30.00 and GHC50.00 depending on spot chosen for camping

Children: Between GHC15.00 and GHC22.00 depending on spot selected for camping


Adults; Between GHC50.00 and GHC70.00

Children; Between GHC.30 and GHC40.00



Single Room –GHS40.00 per night

Double Room- GHS50.00 per night

Note: Students must go along with their student ID in order to be charged student fee for the canopy walk. And every citizen must also go along with any national ID to show proof of citizenship in order to be charged as GHANAIANS instead of NON-GHANAIANS.