How to prepare Garden Eggs Stew

Garden Eggs Stew
Garden Eggs Stew

Garden Eggs Stew is a nutritious stew that is enjoyed by many people across Ghana. Garden Egg stew can be eaten with rice, boiled yam, boiled plantain and many others.

It is known to be rich in vitamins. People who enjoy the delicacy believe it good for the formation of blood cells and improve vision.

How to prepare Groundnut Soup (Nkatekwan)

Groundnut soup is enjoyed with fufu, or banku, omutuo (rice balls), rice etc. You just can’t do without groundnut soup in Ghanaian society. Oh, don’t forget Sunday Omutuo and groundnut soup special.


Ground soup takes time and patience and is moderately difficult to cook.  The average time for cooking groundnut soup is an hour. Groundnut soup is a Ghanaian complementary dish serve with other main dishes for lunch and supper.  For the heavy breakfast eaters, groundnut soup and a main dish.

How to prepare Eto (3to)

Eto is a local Ghanaian meal made with either yam or cocoyam or ripped plantain mashed and mixed with palm oil. Eto is enjoyed by most Ghanaians specifically the Ashanti. The meal is served with mostly eggs and groundnuts.


Aside from the fact that Eto is a regular meal in Ghana, in the Ghanaian settings, Eto holds a whole lot of traditional significance. During festivals, most ethnic groups in Ghana serve their gods with to. When a girl child attains puberty, she is served with eto and boiled eggs by the queen mother.

How to prepare Fante Fante (Fresh Fish Stew)

Fante Fante is more like the Ghanaian version of the Nigerian pepper soup. It is of Ghanaian origin and mostly enjoyed by the southerners, that is; the Fantis, the Ga- Adangbes and some Akans from the middle belt area of Ghana.

Fresh Fish Stew
Fresh Fish Stew

The meal is very nutritious and good source of vitamins and proteins. It is mostly served with Fante kenkey, Banku, and if preferred fufu.

How to prepare Pork Soup

Pork soup with kenkey is a delight. Amongst pork consumers, you can never go wrong with Pork when smoked or fried.

Pork Soup
Pork Soup

Pork soup on a hot afternoon or evening with kenkey is just right. With just a little over enough pepper in the soup, be ready to bit your tongue.

Pork soup is better served with fanti kenkey, rice, banku and fufu. It is also very healthy as it health experts have revealed that pork is one of the healthiest sources of protein.

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Ebunu Ebunu Soup (Cocoyam Leaves Soup)

Ebunu Ebunu soup is prepared with blended Kontomire (Cocoyam leaves). It is a delicacy of Ghanaian origin and is enjoyed mostly by the Akan ethnic group in Ghana. Although quite tedious to prepare the dish, it is very delicious and healthy.

Ebunu Ebunu Soup (Cocoyam Leaves Soup)
Ebunu Ebunu Soup (Cocoyam Leaves Soup)

The meal is rich in protein, and It is believed by many to facilitate the formation of red blood cells as well as bone marrows. It can be served with rice if preferred, banku, fufu and even boiled plantain.

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How to prepare Werewere Soup (Melon Seed Soup)

Werewere soup, known internationally as the melon seed soup, is a Ghanaian delicacy which is mostly used as a substitute for groundnut soup. It is very delicious and can be served with rice, banku, fufu, and boiled plantain.

Aside from its delightful taste, the soup is rich in magnesium, and that facilitate and regulate nerve and muscle functions.

It is also suitable for blood cells formations because it is rich in vitamins; it also aids in the creation of bone marrows. Most Ghanaians love it because they believe its rich nutrients prevent congenital disability. Follow the procedures below to know how to cook the melon seed soup.

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How To Prepare Dawadawa Jollof Rice

Dawadawa is a fermented paste from the seeds of the African locust bean tree with a distinctive odour and flavour. It is popular among the Northern folks in Ghana.

Locust Bean
Locust Bean (Dawadawa).

Most of their delicacies are flavoured with Dawa Dawa, Tuozaafi and Chinkaafa are a particular hit with Dawa Dawa. Dawadawa has a lot of health benefits; it’s good for the eyes and prevents hypertension amongst, etc.

Due to its numerous health benefits, a lot of people besides the Northern folks in Ghana use it in cooking.

Dawa Dawa
Dawadawa is sold in balls. takes a look at how to prepare the famous Ghanaian dish, the Dawa Dawa Jollof. It is delicious, rich in protein, and very easy to prepare.

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How To Prepare Shito

I have tried this recipe from FARMART GHANA and want to share with you. Though cooking level is difficult, you are assured of a tasty Shito.

Shito goes with almost everything; from Gari, Kenkey, Ampesi to Rice.

Shito is undoubtedly one of the popular sauces in Ghana, especially for students. It’s also normally referred to as student’s companions in school because most students can go to school without them.

Find below the steps on how to prepare shito for school or at home and enjoy your prepared shito with the food of choice.

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How to prepare Kontomire Stew the local way

Kontomire Stew, prepared with Kontomire (cocoyam leaves) is one of Ghana’s favourite local stews enjoyed by many Ghanaian households especially in the Akan communities where the stew originated from.

Kontomire Stew
Kontomire Stew and Plantain

Over the years restaurants have adopted it, made some slight changes to it and added it to their menu. But largely the local and traditional Kontomire stew still reigns supreme in most houses, while some have also become used to the modern way of preparing it.

Now let go back to tradition and take a look at the local way of preparing the traditional Kontomire stew.

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