How to cook Sambar

This Indian dish made up of two things, vegetable soup and the tempering of the actual sambar has a lot of ingredients yet has been said to be a “simple to prepare” dish irrespective of the numerous ingredients.

Indian cuisine – Idli Sambar steamed rice and urad bean dal dumplings on black plate isolated on white background

Coming from India, one might not be too familiar with some of the ingredients if he or she is not of Indian descent. It is suggested that alternatives are found in such a case, for example, with the peas, any kind of preferred beans can be used.


How to fry Dosa

This southern Indian pancakes will get you and any children around you craving for more. Pancakes are not scarce to come by and are a common thing to prepare in many cultures. The Dosa is a special variety of pancakes that are crispy and savoury. Made from rice, with some seeds to spice up, this is a special type that you would want to experiment.

Thosai or tosai is popular indian food in Malaysia during breakfast. Served with curry sauces.

Some prefer to add eggs to this variety, others do this without eggs, this variety, in particular, does not have eggs. Try it without eggs and then you will be preparing a raw Indian dosa!

How to cook Earthy Mushroom Stew

Stewed mushrooms with portulaca
Stewed mushrooms in sour cream with portulak.Russian cuisine

Mushrooms apart from being delicious and “easy to consume” are a very healthy source of protein and several other nutrients. They are used for a countless number of dishes from across the globe and are currently grown “everywhere”. With the numerous varieties that exist, also come numerous varieties of dishes.

stewed mushrooms
ration stewed mushrooms on wooden board

Earthy Mushroom Stew was first published in 2006 in the Sunset Magazine and has since been innovated by many mushroom lovers. A simply yet filling and nutritious meal of mushroom dish originating from the United States of America, if you love dishes that are “fast”, this is most definitely one of the very fast ones.

How to prepare Garden Eggs Stew

Garden Eggs Stew
Garden Eggs Stew

Garden Eggs Stew is a nutritious stew that is enjoyed by many people across Ghana. Garden Egg stew can be eaten with rice, boiled yam, boiled plantain and many others.

It is known to be rich in vitamins. People who enjoy the delicacy believe it good for the formation of blood cells and improve vision.

How to prepare Groundnut Soup (Nkatekwan)

Groundnut soup is enjoyed with fufu, or banku, omutuo (rice balls), rice etc. You just can’t do without groundnut soup in Ghanaian society. Oh, don’t forget Sunday Omutuo and groundnut soup special.


Ground soup takes time and patience and is moderately difficult to cook.  The average time for cooking groundnut soup is an hour. Groundnut soup is a Ghanaian complementary dish serve with other main dishes for lunch and supper.  For the heavy breakfast eaters, groundnut soup and a main dish.

How to prepare Eto (3to)

Eto is a local Ghanaian meal made with either yam or cocoyam or ripped plantain mashed and mixed with palm oil. Eto is enjoyed by most Ghanaians specifically the Ashanti. The meal is served with mostly eggs and groundnuts.


Aside from the fact that Eto is a regular meal in Ghana, in the Ghanaian settings, Eto holds a whole lot of traditional significance. During festivals, most ethnic groups in Ghana serve their gods with to. When a girl child attains puberty, she is served with eto and boiled eggs by the queen mother.

How to prepare Fante Fante (Fresh Fish Stew)

Fante Fante is more like the Ghanaian version of the Nigerian pepper soup. It is of Ghanaian origin and mostly enjoyed by the southerners, that is; the Fantis, the Ga- Adangbes and some Akans from the middle belt area of Ghana.

Fresh Fish Stew
Fresh Fish Stew

The meal is very nutritious and good source of vitamins and proteins. It is mostly served with Fante kenkey, Banku, and if preferred fufu.

Pornstar Martini Cocktail: Simplified

The Pornstar Martini has become notorious due to it’s exotic or should I say the extremely suggestive name. Presently, it is the most popular cocktail in the world.

martini with berries
martini with berries on the dark stone background, copy space

Pornstar Martini was created in London in 2003 by Douglas Ankrah in a bar known as the LAB Bar.

In an interview, Douglas revealed that he chose the name Pornstar Martini to reflect the “evocative and tantalising” essence of the cocktail.

Two glasses of martini cocktail
Two glasses of martini cocktail and bar equipment

Enough of whetting your appetite, right? LOL! Let us take you through the process of getting yourself a chilled Pornstar Martini cocktail drink.

The recipe follows after the advertisement.

How to prepare Pork Soup

Pork soup with kenkey is a delight. Amongst pork consumers, you can never go wrong with Pork when smoked or fried.

Pork Soup
Pork Soup

Pork soup on a hot afternoon or evening with kenkey is just right. With just a little over enough pepper in the soup, be ready to bit your tongue.

Pork soup is better served with fanti kenkey, rice, banku and fufu. It is also very healthy as it health experts have revealed that pork is one of the healthiest sources of protein.

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