Canada visa lottery: How to apply

The introduction of the DV Lottery by the United States of America has left many people wondering if there isn’t another for Canada considering its proximity to the USA. The immediate answer is that Canada as a sovereign state has not started any such thing.

How to apply Canada visa lottery

Even though one would occasionally come across such programs on the internet, these are not from the Government of Canada. One follows these at their own risk.

Is there anything like Canada visa lottery?

There’s nothing like Canada Visa lottery. All such existing programs seen online on various portals are scams. If you desire to travel to live and work or school in Canada, there are other options available and not the lottery.

School: One can have the opportunity of travelling to Canada as a student.

Tourism: Just like many other countries, the Canadian government recognizes tourists and readily accepts visitors into their country for tourism purposes.

Trade and Development: Like several countries across the glode, Canada has several trade and development initiatives that can open doors for people seeking to do business in their country. If you are interested in doing business, this is one thing that can get you into Canada.

Your best bet is to visit the Canadian Embassy in your country about travelling opportunities.

Is Canada Embassy Opened?

Canada, a North American country is not exempted from the wrath of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic neither are they exempted from issuing restrictions.

With the availability of good schools and social facilities, people from all works of walks travel to live in Canada for a good life.

But the question amidst this pandemic is; are the Canadian Embassies and High Commissions opened for travel documentation?

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Canadian Embassies all over the world are open fully for Canadian citizens to file their travel activities whereas the services are limited to non-citizens for only emergency and essential services including education.

Is Canada Embassy In Ghana Still Working?

The Canadian High Commission in Ghana, located in Accra is open for visa applications but for only essential persons and for emergency services.

According to information shared on the commission’s website;

The High Commission of Canada in Accra is limiting in-person services in order to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Anyone who needs consular assistance, contact the High Commission by email or telephone.

‘No name’ hotel which kidnapped Canadians girls stayed shut down

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has closed down a hotel in Kumasi where the two kidnapped Canadian volunteers lodged before their abduction. reports that the operation was backed by armed police officers when GTA stormed the hotel premises to shut it down.

The hotel, which has no name, situated at Ahodwo near the Golf Park, operated without a license and lacked standard security system including CCTV cameras, a situation that exposed clients to all forms of attacks, according to the GTA officials.


Abusua FM’s Journalist Akwasi Bodua who covered the exercise reported that the said hotel has no name written on the building nor erected signboard and had been totally deserted at the time the team arrived.

A search for the owner of the hotel is underway.

The criminals are said to have stopped and pushed the two into a car at gunpoint at about 8:30 P.M. at Silver Spring avenue, around Vienna City, a popular pub in Kumasi.

The two girls who are in the country on an exchange programme has been rescued by the Ghana Police Service on Wednesday morning in Kumasi. Two suspects are in Police custody.

Canada warns citizens visiting Ghana to exercise high degree of caution

The Government of Canada has issued a travel advisory for Ghana after two Canadians were kidnapped in Kumasi on Tuesday.

The government warns citizens to exercise a high degree of caution in Ghana due to violent crimes, including armed robbery and kidnapping. The warning which was posted on Twitter, advised Canadians visiting Ghana to avoid walking alone or displaying signs of wealth.

Police in the Ashanti Regional Capital of Kumasi have mounted a search for the abducted two Canadian women who were on an exchange programme with the Entrepreneurship Department of the Kumasi Technical University (KsTU).

According to reports, the two women were forced into a vehicle at about 8:20 pm just when they had stepped out of their apartment at Silver Spring in Kumasi.

Canada makes u-turn, grounds Boeing 737 MAX 8 after Ethiopian Airlines crash

Canada is joining the growing swell of countries grounding Boeing’s 737 MAX 8 jets after a deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash over the weekend.

That crash marked the second catastrophic incident involving the model of airplane in six months and prompted a wave of countries to ground the fleets, including the U.K., China, Australia, Singapore, India, South Korea, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates and others.

The European Union also banned the jets from flying in European airspace.

Transport Minister Marc Garneau had maintained earlier this week that Canada would not ground the jets because the cause of the Ethiopian Air crash, which killed 157 people including 18 Canadians, is not yet clear.

He reversed that position on Wednesday.

Garneau told reporters gathered in Ottawa that the decision to issue a safety notice banning the aircraft from taking off, landing or flying over Canadian airspace comes as a result of “new data” received by Canadian officials Wednesday morning.

“There can’t be any Max 8 or Max 9 flying into, out of or across Canada, so that obviously affects the Canadian Max 8s that are owned by Air Canada, West Jet and Sunwing that own aircraft but also have implications on airlines outside the country,” Garneau said.

Garneau said new data obtained via satellite monitoring Wednesday morning suggested similarities between the Ethiopian Airlines crash and the Lion Air crash that crashed shortly after takeover into the Java Sea six months ago, killing 189 people, that “exceed a certain threshold in our minds” and that the decision to ground the fleets comes as a direct result of that.

He added that Canadian officials notified the Americans on Wednesday morning and continue to work closely with the teams investigating the crash.

He also said there was no “push back” from any of the three Canadian airlines that operate the aircraft model.

“They recognize the importance of safety,” he said.

Garneau noted “there is some disruption” as a result of the decision on airline operations but that safety is the “paramount” concern.

“For the moment, caution has to dominate,” he said.

Canada not grounding Boeing 737 MAX 8 after deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash

Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau says Canada will not order its airlines to ground their Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes after one of the aircraft crashed in Ethiopia, killing all 157 people on board, including 18 Canadians.

Garneau said it was important “we don’t jump to conclusions,” as investigators are still working to determine what led to the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines jet shortly after it took off from Addis Ababa on Sunday.

“We are being very proactive right now,” Garneau told reporters in Montreal on Monday. “I was in touch with the secretary of transport in the United states. My colleagues at Transport Canada are working with the Federal Aviation Authority.”

Aviation authorities in China, Indonesia and Ethiopia ordered airlines on Monday to ground their Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes, while Cayman Airways said it was temporarily grounding the two Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft it operates.

Air Canada has 24 Boeing 737 MAX 8s, WestJet Airlines Ltd. has 13 and Sunwing Airlines flies four MAX 8s, according to Transport Canada’s civil aircraft register.

World Cup 2026: Have fans from Africa been taken out from sporting activities?

The hope of many of Football fans from Africa was to see Morocco win the bid to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup but United States, Canada and Mexico jointly won the bid after winning 134 votes to beat Morocco’s 65.

Prayers were up for Morocco not because fans from Africa will not be able to afford travel to North America but because of very strict measures in place for acquiring visas to North America. A great number of visa applicants would be denied the opportunity to witness the 2026 World Cup.

Barely a year ago, the United States was awarded the bid to host the Olympics in 2028 which will definitely record a low turnout from Africa as Donald Trump tightens the borders of the United States. There have been instances in the past where boxers and footballers were denied visas to fight or play outside the continent and there is no doubt that some athletes partaking in the Olympics would be denied visas to travel to the United States.

“The philosophy of the Olympics Movement is one that promotes togetherness and unity of the world’s people regards of demographic differences such as gender, colour or creed.

This is superbly exhibited with the logo of the Games, which are five interlocking rings of different colours to represent the five continents that feature at the Games; Africa, The Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. And that idea of unity will likely suffer a major blight if concerns about travel are not resolved.”

The joy associated with qualifying to World Cup is so huge that all soccer lovers who could afford would love to travel to support their teams as they compete for the grand trophy. Thousands of people would be denied this joyful moment.

The United States has been tightening its borders daily for a couple of years now and the election of Donald Trump is set to make it increasingly difficult. His administration has already introduced entry restrictions on citizens from certain Muslim-majority countries.

During the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada, there were widespread rumours that only people having more than GHS 40,000 in their bank accounts were granted visas whereas people from the west embark on vacations on credit; monies they have not yet realised.

Embassies and High Commissions in Africa see it as favour to grant visas to visa applicants and forget what their countries stand to benefit from tourists. The acts of insignificant people who end up as illegal immigrants do not rule out that all applicants will also end up so especially when applicants have several ties back home.

Even when host countries decide to offer visa-free travels for people visiting for the games, there are always clauses for fans from Africa. Russia announced a simplified travel procedures for fans visiting for the World Cup but fans from Africa were supposed to be part of organised fan groups. The decision to travel as a group or be a member of an association cannot be enforced on someone.

I can predict for sure that the United States, Canada and Mexico would be waiving visas for fans traveling for the World Cup but would definitely have clauses to prevent people coming from Africa.

The ‘United 2026’ would be a great tournament but not for fans from Africa.