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Self-employed? These are the relevant documents needed to support your visa application

The outcome of visa applications are mostly dependant on the economic ties of the visa applicants. Most at times, self-employed applicants get confused as to how to prove their employment and finances when making visa applications. It is impossible to include documents on your finances and not adding those of your employment, and the vice...Read More

Bank Statement For Visa Application: How much balance is enough? puts together this piece as part of its effort to make travelling easy, safe and affordable by providing the needed guidance to assist travellers do away with Visa Contractors/Connection men and the associated problems. Bank Statement is considered an important document when it comes to visa application though some countries do not place much...Read More

Salaried employee? These are the relevant documents needed to support your visa application

0 Comments recently published about the documents self-employed people need to support their visa application. Today, let us look at what documents salaried employees also need. If you are paid a fixed amount of money or compensation, usually monthly, by an employer, you are a salaried employee. When making visa applications, salaried employees are to show...Read More

Sponsorship Letter For Visa Application: Sample, myth, FAQs and mistake to avoid

If someone is paying for your travel, you will need to include a Letter of Sponsorship from your sponsor. Companies who are sponsoring employees on a trip can include a line in the Introductory Letter indicating the company’s financial commitments towards the trip. In this case, a separate Sponsorship Letter would not be required. Letter...Read More

‘My bank statement is genuine, why was my visa application refused’ – Question from reader

Bank Statements are vital documents when it comes to visa applications. Applicants must convince visa officers that they have enough funds for their trip. Yes, you can be denied a visa even if you have a genuine bank statement with enough funds. Bank statements go beyond the account balance. In this article, highlights some...Read More

Dangers of using fake bank statements in visa applications

Though some might have succeeded in obtaining visas with fake documents, do away with fake documents and be honest throughout your visa application. It’s good to explain why you don’t have a bank statement than forging one. Many applicants unknowingly included fake documents because they left their travel plans in the hands of connection men...Read More
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