Richtersveld National Park – South Africa

Camping is one of the most popular tourism activities anywhere in the world, and is usually seen as one of the best ways for families, love ones and small groups to spend memorable times together in a secluded yet natural environments, devoid of everyday human activities.

And in South Africa the best place to have this experience is at the Richtersveld National Park, located in north-east part of the Northern Cape Province of the rainbow nation.

The Richtersveld is a large desert land, situated near the South African border with Namibia and is geographically characterized by mountains, dry weather, sandy lands, rocks and few trees.

The river which runs through the area, the Orange River serves as the natural body which separates South Africa from Namibia.

Camping activities are usually held at the park by families and groups due to the uniqueness and quiet nature of the area. Even though many would argue there is nothing awesome about Richtersveld, it is one of the most unique landscapes in the world, recognised as the only arid biodiversity hotspot on the planet with a wonderful and stable weather that makes camping in the area enjoyable.

The 400,000 acres park is also home to some of the rarest plants in the world, with these plants being able to grow in the desert and rocky land.

The United Nations has declared the area a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nalerigu: What the capital of the newly created North East Region has for tourists

Ghana has six more regions which add up to the existing ten to be sixteen.

The North East Region is one of the newly created ones and was created off of the Northern Region after voters voted YES in a referendum.

Ghana’s President Akufo Addo named Nalerigu as the capital of the North East Region. takes a look at what’s in for tourists in Nalerigu.

Being the largest town in the East Mamprusi Municipal Assembly, the traditional capital of the Mamprusi people, as well as the seat of the Paramount Chief the NaYiri, there was no doubt that Nalerigu would be selected as the capital of the newly created North East region of Ghana.

Attractions in Nalerigu

Nalerigu Defence Wall

The Nalerigu Defence Wall is the remains of the Naa Jaringa Walls, which lie under a grove of trees. The wall is located in the village of Nalerigu in the East Mamprusi District, about 120 km south-east of Bolgatanga, about 156 km from Tamale and 8 km past Gambaga, in the Northern Region of Ghana.

This wall was built in the 16th century by Naa Jaringa (named after the African viper), a powerful chief of the Mamprusi ethnic group. The Defence Wall initially surrounded the entire village, but now only a few ruins remain.

The slave route, between Ouagadogou in Burkina Faso and Djenne in Mali, passed close by. The wall was erected for two reasons: firstly, to protect inhabitants from slave raiders, and secondly, to ensure that Naa Jaringa’s name would always be remembered.

According to local tradition, the wall was built with stones, mud, honey and milk.

Damba festival

The chiefs and peoples of Nalerigu celebrate the Damba festival. It is also celebrated by the people of Tamale, and Wa.

The festival is celebrated in the Dagomba lunar month of Damba which corresponds to Rabia al-Awwal, the third month of the Islamic calendar. In the past few years, the festival has been celebrated in November and December.

Dambai Festival PHOTO: William Haun
Dambai Festival PHOTO: William Haun

Damba Festival marks the birth and naming of Muhammad, but the actual content of the celebration is a glorification of the chieftaincy, not specific Islamic motifs.

NaYiri Palace

NaYiri Palace in Nalerigu is the palace of the Paramount chief of Mamprugu Traditional Area. The current Paramount chief is Nayiri Naa Bohagu Mahami Shirega.

The NaYiri, Overlord of the Traditional Mamprugu Area, sits in front of his palace in Nalerigu, Ghana during an enskinment ceremony for Mamprusi chiefs. He is surround by his traditional council of elders, subchiefs and warriors. NaBɔhaga Mahami Abdulai Sheriga, is the son of the late NaSheriga who ruled as the paramount chief of the Mamprusi in the 1950s and 60s. PHOTO: William Haun
The NaYiri, Overlord of the Traditional Mamprugu Area, sits in front of his palace in Nalerigu, Ghana during an enskinment ceremony for Mamprusi chiefs. He is surround by his traditional council of elders, subchiefs and warriors. NaBɔhaga Mahami Abdulai Sheriga, is the son of the late NaSheriga who ruled as the paramount chief of the Mamprusi in the 1950s and 60s. PHOTO: William Haun

Health Volunteers

Nalerigu is also popular among volunteers in the health sector. Medical students and professionals have volunteered at the Baptist Medical Centre in Nalerigu. The health facility provides volunteers who travel to the town the opportunity to serve the people in their respective medical fields. Volunteers take advantage of their stay to learn basic Mampruli language to socialise effectively with the locals.

IMB missionary Dr. Earl Hewitt rounds with patients in the pediatric ward at the Baptist Medical Centre in Nalerigu, Ghana. He is assisted by 4th year medical student volunteers Jessica Van Bibber (left) and Heidi Haun (right) PHOTO: Baptist Medical Center

If you are a nurse or a medical doctor, you may want to take up this volunteering opportunity.

Getting there

By Air

It’s not possible to access Nalerigu by air. However, travelers from Accra can travel by air to Tamale and continue their journey by bus. It’s 3 hours to travel by bus from Tamale to Nalerigu.

By Land

Traveling by land is highly recommended if you want to catch a glimpse of Kumasi, Techiman and other cities as part of your trip to Nalerigu. Traveling by land to Nalerigu could be tiresome if you are not using your own car which will permit you to make stops in various cities for even up to a day. It can take up to 15 hours to reach Nalerigu via Tamale.

Nalerigu Defence Wall (Ghana Museums and Monuments Board)

Why is it almost impossible to get visa to Egypt in Ghana?

If you are a Ghanaian who wishes to visit Egypt and failed to do so during the Africa Cup of Nations 2019 (AFCON 2019), then you probably have to wait till the country hosts the tournament again as it is almost impossible to get visa from the Egyptian Embassy in Ghana. If you have plans of seeing the River Nile in Egypt, then you better go to Uganda as  it flows there as well since you may not want to wait for weeks/months to hear that the Egyptian Embassy has denied your visa application for no reason.

Many people, like myself, who has visited Egypt did so while on transit to other countries. Passengers transiting Cairo with longer transfer hours are taken into hotels in the city as they wait for their connecting flights. I got the chance to see Egypt while traveling to China in 2015. I spent few hours in the city and wanted to visit the country later to explore it proper.

I lodged an application at the Embassy in 2016 with high hopes of visiting Egypt. They have a very simple visa application process and the attendant told me that applications are sent to Egypt for approval. As a frequent traveler with history of spending a day in Egypt, I expected to hear something positive from the embassy in few days/weeks for my visa. I waited for weeks and nothing was happening. I needed my documents for other businesses so I went there for them and was told I will still be called once a decision is made on my application. It’s almost 2020 and I’m still waiting to hear from the embassy whether my application has been approved or denied.

My case isn’t alone. I have had several complaints from people who experienced same. A friend of mine who was determined to visit Egypt again after he transited there also witnessed same.

Kwame Asiedu (name changed) booked one of the expensive hotels in Egypt, paid for airline ticket hoping to have a good time in Cairo but Kwame was lucky; not that he was given a visa, but at least he heard from the embassy that the visa has been denied. There seems to be only one employee at the embassy as the woman told Kwame that no one picks calls when she’s not around. This was after Kwame complained that none of his many calls were answered.

Freda Obeng-Ampofo also shared her experience on Google. She rated the Embassy 1 out of 5 and said “Terrible. I was in the waiting room with others for over two hours before an older lady came to see us, even that, she seemed very unenthusiastic. The place was blazing hot and super unwelcoming.”

Why then an Egyptian Embassy in Ghana?

The embassy does not have a website. It only owns a Facebook page and even that, it has nothing visa related. The Facebook page is a special one for the commercial department of the embassy, yes commercial. This tells the interest of the embassy in Ghana.

Reviews on the embassy on Google by Egyptians in Ghana are either 4 or 5 out of 5 and this also tells that they are here in the interest of their people resident in Ghana and provide them with the best of service to deserve the 5/5 ratings. Safaa Ismail reviewed on Google “The Egyptian Embassy in Accra provides services to Egyptians in Ghana”.

Ghana and Egypt

Ghana and Egypt have had strong relations since we gained independence from Britain in 1957. Our first president Kwame Nkrumah married an Egyptian and his popularity in Egypt strengthens our relations. But it looks like Ghana isn’t gaining much from these relations. In 2012 alone, Egyptians exports to Ghana amounted to about $70 million while Egyptians imports from Ghana was about $12 million, according to Egypt Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) website. We don’t have easy access to the country so there is no way we can export much aside the usual Cocoa and Timber. Egypt on the other hand has flooded the Ghanaian market with building materials, paints, cement and steel structures for buildings, food, juices, and shuttle buses, the MFA confirms on its website.

The Government of Ghana encourages exportation but without us traveling to foreign countries to explore, network and establish business relationships, there is no way we can export. While Egypt brings in almost everything, we send nothing to them aside Timber and Cocoa which are handled by the government.

As President Akufo Addo signs mutual travel agreements between countries, he should consider Egypt as well because any trade deal signed would be to their benefit only if we have no means to visit their country.

Egyptians visiting Ghana can get on the next available flight to Accra and get a 30-day visa on arrival at the airport while it’s almost impossible for Ghanaians visiting Egypt to obtain visas.

Ghanaian passport ranks ahead of Egyptian passport and tightening visa requirement for Ghanaians isn’t fair. According to Henley Passport Index, Egyptian passport is ranked 95th in the world while Ghana’s is ranked 80th. Ghanaian passport travels to 64 countries visa-free and Egypt’s travels to  49 countries visa-free. Ghanaians truly don’t deserve this struggle in obtaining visa to Egypt.

Despite rising calls for countries in Africa to take away their borders, Egypt and others like Mauritius seem to be tightening theirs.

Do you have any experience to share? Email [email protected] or Whatsapp +233 269825999.

Akufo-Addo champions domestic tourism; charges Ghanaians to explore country

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has made a call on Ghanaians to explore the country and enjoy the rich natural resources the nation boasts of.

The President made this call while delivering his speech at the 62nd Independence Day celebration in Tamale.

He called on every Ghanaian to take time off and travel around and enjoy the rich culture and resources that each region has.

He stated that hosting the independence parade in the Northern Region capital, Tamale, has created an opportunity for the many that travelled for the parade to explore Tamale and neighboring towns.

President Akufo-Addo expressed delight over the opportunity to explore Tamale, charging Ghanaians out there to also travel around and explore other parts of the country as well.

“I am glad that we are in Tamale for this celebration, and I hope it will spur many people to get to know the country. We have a beautiful country, and it deserves to be explored and admired,” the President noted.

Many members of the diplomatic corps including Nigerien President Mahamoudou Issoufou were in Tamale to witness the parade.

Ghana’s president stated that exploring the country helps to provide an insight into the different cultures, and this helps to eliminate any form of misconception that one may have about other ethnicities.

“Apart from the joy of discovering the beauty and charms of our country, getting to know Ghana helps to dispel the prejudices of the unknown.”

It is important for every Ghanaian, he added, to be better acquainted with their own country before travelling out to see and explore other countries.

“Those who have the means to do so should consider it more important to travel around and know Ghana before they embark on the next vacation to Dubai.”

He also charged the Ghana Tourism Authority and other stakeholders to find means through which internal tourism can be better promoted, and that this will help extend better services to foreign tourists.

“It means of course that the [Ghana] Tourism Authority has its work cut out, if they get it right with internal Ghanaian tourists, then they will be ready to cope with foreign tourists.”

President Akufo-Addo further made a clarion call for those based in cities across the country, to descend from their high horses to appreciate other places in the country.

“I ask those who live in the big cities in particular to get around the country a little,” he advised, “it might just change their outlook and make them more tolerant about the difficulty that we need to overcome.”

Strike causes chaos at Kenya airport

Thousands of passengers are stranded at the four main airports in Kenya after a strike by workers forced the disruption of domestic and international flights.

About 60 flights failed to take-off at their scheduled time from Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the busiest in East Africa. Other planes left without passengers.

The strike began at midnight local time, resulting in the withdrawal of fire engines from the runaway.

Security, check-in and baggage-handling staff also stopped working.

Flights have also been disrupted at airports in the tourist hub of Mombasa, and the cities of Eldoret and Kisumu in western Kenya.

The striking workers are opposed to a plan that would see the loss-making Kenya Airways taking over the management of airports from the profit-making Kenya Airports Authority (KAA).

The workers say the proposed take-over would put their jobs at risk.

‘Tear gas fired’ at Kenya’s main airport

Police have used tear gas and batons to try and disperse striking workers at the main international airport in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, local media reports say.

A key figure in organising the strike, the Kenya Aviation Workers Union secretary-general Moss Ndiema, has also been arrested.

The government has condemned the strike as illegal, and says replacement workers would be brought in to normalise the situation.

The BBC’s Lynne Wachira snapped a photo of a man who was injured in the chaos, which followed police intervention to break up the protest.

Notable people who called for Catherine Afeku’s removal as Tourism Minister

Madam Catherine Afeku is one of the ministers affected by the recent reshuffle by President Akufo Addo.

Madam Afeku is now a Minister of State assigned to the Office of the President. She’ll be working under the Senior Minister. cannot confidently report that the removal of Catherine Afeku was a response to the numerous calls by industry players to have her removed. There could be other issues best known to the President as many have argued that though her performance may not be the best, she has started many projects that she had to complete.

Let’s take a look at some of the notable people who called for her removal or were not happy with her performance.

An opinion post shared on gave loads of reasons for her immediate removal. Check the link below to read:

Austine Woode

If you are reading from Kumasi, Austine Woode is no new name to you. He’s the host of Kumasi based Abusua FM’s ‘Abusua Entertainment Show’. Austine Woode called on the president as a matter of urgency to fire Madam Catherine Afeku for saying that members of the creative arts in Kumasi should go and consult and make some valuable inputs to the contractor who has been charged with the task of refurbishing the Kumasi Cultural Center to give it a befitting facelift.

Prince David Osei

Actor Prince David Osei said Catherine Afeku failed to make any impact on the country’s creative arts industry since her appointment.

He told Nana Adwoa Sarkodie on Citi TV. This is all what he said:

“Forget about the Ministry of Tourism. The Minister of Tourism has failed the industry, that’s what I keep saying I don’t know what the one in charge is doing. We felt like they coming into office would help, but they’ve not done anything remarkable that I have seen or felt so I think the Ministry is not doing well.”

“You need to come up with ideas. You need to make sure the right structures are there. You need to make Ghana a gateway for tourism. Most of us travel outside, others have not traveled outside before, but they can visualize how New York looks like because they’ve seen it on TV.

“That’s what Hollywood does. We need to open our sector, the movie industry should be the mouthpiece that will sell Ghana, through our movie making. Ever since they came into power, tell me one remarkable thing they’ve done.”

Enoch Agyapong

Enoch Agyapong is a popular Entertainment critic. He recently made headlines after Bola Ray arrested him for making some allegations against him.

Enoch Agyapong described the minister as a failure and incompetent. He told Prince Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr Handsome on GH Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, the minister should have been removed from office long time ago.

In his view, the minister has exhibited high sense of incompetence and lacks what it takes to manage the creative arts ministry.

Enoch was shocked to hear of the appointment of actor Bill Asamoah as a tourism ambassador without an assessment of the work done by the previous ambassadors appointed a year ago.

A Plus

From her own NPP party comes controversial Kwame A Plus.

A Plus descended on Madam Catherine Afeku for contributing to the AFRIMA awards held in Ghana.

Below is what he told Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM:

“you spend 4.5 million dollars yet you don’t even have venues to hold concerts. The people who advised the President were wrong because who will advise the president to build a cathedral, why? People like Catherine Afeku don’t have any policy to do anything…”

“Who is AFRIMA? I hear it belongs to some Nigerians and some people. Otchere-Darko said he watched ten movies and was depressed. Shirly Frimpong-Manso has done so much to sustain the industry and you have a minister who brings AFRIMA here and they give you award to boost tourism? What are tourists coming to look for in Ghana? Motorway doesn’t even have lights. We have to keep our priorities right”.

Madam Elizabeth Ofosu-Agyare

NDC’s Madam Elizabeth Ofosu-Agyare, the former Minister of Tourism also had something to say.

This is what she told Naa Ashorko in an interview on Showbiz A-Z:

“Under my tenure as Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts with the Honorable Gifah Gomashie as my Deputy under His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, a lot of good things actually happened to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts.

“The Film Act was passed. You know from Kwame Nkrumah’s time nothing had been done to the film law and you also know that a lot of things had gone on in the industry that needed a review of that law, happily under our tenure, that Film Act saw the light of day.

“We set up a fund for the film industry, not only did we set up a fund, we actually put in money and the money was actually disbursed to beneficiaries. Creative arts fund and monies were given to Culture Forum to disburse. We disbursed ₵1 million and we were supposed to give them another ₵1 million.

“Also, we all know that government appointees have had the desire to have a clear vision but probably they didn’t know how to go about it. Fortunately Excellence John Dramani Mahama returns was very active in keeping the beaches clean so he came up with the Marine Drive Development Project, under that project from the Osu Castle to Baden Powell was to be serviced and given out for people to do hotels, parks, children playgrounds and all the good things you can think of. We were able to secure the land by legislative executive instrument all those lands were acquired for.

“I will say they have four years. I have not seen much yet but I hope that in the next two years they will be able to catch up. There isn’t much I can speak about…

“… I keep on saying the things that we did that have not been continued but maybe when we come back in 2021, we will be able to do a proper assessment of what is happening”.

Halifax Ansah Addo

Halifax Ansah Addo is the Public Relations Officer of Zylofon Cash and Managing Editor of the Publisher newspaper. He described Catherine Afeku as the “weakest link in the current government”.

He an open letter to Catherine Afeku, Halifax told her that she only does talk, talk, talk, talk, with very insignificant or mostly no work to show.

Read his full letter below:

Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo is the Head of Communications for Zylofon Music. Looks like everyone at Zylofon wasn’t satisfied with Catherine Afeku’s performance despite their boss Nana Appiah Mensah having a good relationship with the minister.

Arnold cried for help after President Akufo Addo failed in getting assistance from Madam Afeku to answer a question on the establishment of a theatre in Kumasi during the President’s ‘Meet The Press’. According to Arnold, “the Afeku the Prez. was referring to was partying at that time; drinking, eating and dancing at the same time when Ghanaians were tuned in, hoping for sane answers on how the Country is being managed”.

Arnold said Catherine Afeku was confusing and conning Ghanaians, especially those in the creative arts sector.

Now the cries …

People who were not happy with Catherine Afeku are mostly those in the creative arts sector but looks like not all of them are happy with her removal.

Kwame Dadzie

Kwame Dadzie of Citi TV in series of posts on Facebook reminded people of how they campaigned for the minister to be removed.

Kwame think this is a wrong move and rather wished the deputy Minister Ziblim was rather removed.

He posted: “I am sure those who always campaigned for Afeku to be axed are happy but folks this is a wrong move. They should have taken Ziblim out and brought in a Deputy who would buoy Afeku up. Looks like we are going to start all over again!”

Kwame is very worried that we have to start all over again.

David Mawuli

David Mawuli owns and also the Entertainment Editor of David seems to be satisfied with Madam Afeku’s performance and not happy that she has been reshuffled.

He said: “Yes, I disagreed with Hon. Catherine Afeku on some issues in the tourism and creative arts sector. But to be honest, she really worked and didn’t deserve to be reshuffled. I see this reshuffling as experimental — not based on performance.”

Many others are shocked of her removal but these are the few notable ones. More people are expected to share their views this morning on the various entertainment shows on radio.

Tourism and Aviation ministries get new ministers

Hon. Catherine Afeku, Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, has been named as the Minister of State at the Office of the President while Yaw Afful, Member of Parliament for Jaman South, is now Deputy Minister-designate for Aviation.

These come as part of changes President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has made to his government which 9 ministers have been reshuffled.

President Akufo-Addo has named deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Barbara Oteng Gyasi, as the new minister-designate for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts.

There have been calls from individuals and groups calling on the removal of Catherine Afeku as Tourism Minister, however, others have argued that she is the best minister Ghana has ever had in the sector.

Ethiopian Airlines to operate all-women flight on International Women’s Day

Ethiopian Airlines has announced that it will be operating all-women flight on March 8, 2019 to celebrate International Women’s Day.

According to the CEO of the Africa’s largest airline group, Tewolde GebreMariam, women have been an integral part of the success story of Ethiopian Airlines.

“From the start, women have been an integral part of our success story, and with the dedicated flight, we will honor and celebrate their indispensable contribution to our aviation group and the broader aviation industry,” GebreMariam said.

GebreMariam added that, the company is immensely honored to employ women trailblazers in every aspect of aviation.

The flight will take the airline’s Addis Ababa-Stockholm-Oslo route.

The flight will be operated by female Ethiopian Airlines professionals from flight deck all the way to the ground, including airport operations, flight dispatch, load control, ramp operation, onboard logistics, safety and security, catering, and air traffic control.

Despite a number of progressive moves and policies in Africa, GebreMariam said gender inequality still persists on the continent.

“We all need to ensure that women take their right position in all human endeavor by creating the right conditions and through all inclusive engagement models,” GebreMariam said.

Ethiopian Airlines has operated four all-women crew flights to Bangkok, Kigali, Lagos, and Buenos Aires.

AWA signs MoU with South Africa Airlines to widen connectivity for passengers

Indigenous carrier, Africa World Airlines (AWA) and South Africa Airways have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalise and deepen corporation between the two Airlines.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Minister for Aviation Kofi Adda said “through this affiliation, we are able to move from Ghana to other parts of the world.

The ability to move from parts of Ghana like Kumasi and Takoradi out of Ghana seamlessly is a much-welcomed effort and ties in with our vision of making Ghana an aviation hub.”

With this Strategic agreement, SAA’s ongoing operations with AWA in Ghana will offer its long haul customers from North America and South Africa further reach to domestic Ghana and West Coast on Africa World Airlines Network.

Chief Executive Officer of South Africa Airlines Vuyani Jarana explained that the partnership was going to expand connectivity for Africa.

He said, “we are a firm believer that for Africa to be connected, it is not going to be just one airline but it will take such partnerships and collaborations between airlines like ours and this will create better and wider connectivity.”

Mr Vuyani also stressed on the need to cut down costs for both Airlines through further discussions and planning.

Similarly, Africa World Airlines will get to offer its customers more reach within the continent, that is, destinations outside the scope of AWA but on the SAA route as well as flights beyond the continent.

Co-founder and Chairman of Africa World Airlines Togbe Afede said this strategic partnership is part of the Airline expansion strategy to the benefit of the continent.

He said, “The link will help us bring to Ghana, people who will ordinarily not come to Ghana. With this, we are working directly into the government’s plan of making Ghana an aviation hub and improving commercial activity between African countries.”

Togbe Afede underscored the Airlines’ readiness and potential to contribute to the establishment of the Home-based carrier.

Also Present at the signing of the MOU was the Deputy Minister for aviation Kwabena Otchere Darko Mensah, High commissioner for South Africa Lulu Xingwana, Board Chairman for AWA Togbe Afede, Ceo of AWA John Quan DG for The Ghana civil aviation authority Simon Allotey, MD for the Ghana Airports company limited Yaw Kwakwa , Directors at the ministry for Aviation and Other Industry Stakeholders.

He further appealed to the two Airlines to sustain the MOU to ensure that the Airline industry sees sustained growth.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) covers scope to introduce partnerships, including functional areas such as interlines, code-share and other related projects.

The relationship between the airlines will thus allow passengers to purchase single tickets from any destination served by either SAA or AWA, and transfer seamlessly between the airlines to their final destination.

This will create an expanded network for both airlines, and allow travel between city pairs that did not previously have good connectivity options bringing about ease for the travelling populace

The relationship between the two Airlines goes as far as 2015 when Africa World Airlines was identified as South Africa Airlines partner Airline in Ghana for regional cooperation to feed and defend the SAA long Haul Flights using the Kotoka International Airport as the main connecting hub to the West Coast.

Based on growing demand from the partnership between the two Airlines on the Ghana Market, SAA further plans to introduce one additional flight on its Washington DC route bringing it to 5X weekly beginning 2nd April 2019.


A codeshare is a business arrangement, common in the aviation industry, whereby two airlines sell flights operated by each other under their own flight numbers.

One airline will be the operating carrier while the other will be the marketing carrier and vice versa. A seat can be purchased from an airline on a flight that is actually operated by another airline under a different flight number or code.

For example, Africa World Airlines flight AW 465 may be sold as South African Airways flight SA 7465. This allows both airlines to sell seats on the same plane and offer more flight choices to customers.


Passengers benefit from the ability to purchase a single ticket for their entire journey and will enjoy seamless connections at both SAA’s hub in Johannesburg and AWA’s hub in Accra.

There will be no need to collect baggage and check-in again when connecting between the airlines unless at the first entry point into the country to clear customs and immigration


In Code Share flights, the baggage policy will be set by the airline that issued the ticket.

For example, a passenger can purchase a single ticket from Kumasi to Washington via Accra. They can then check-in at Kumasi airport with their full international baggage allowance, and collect their baggage upon arrival in the USA.

Aviation Ministry to negotiate more routes for airlines operating in Ghana

The Ministry of Aviation says it will not relent in negotiating more routes for airlines operating in the country as it strives to make Ghana an aviation hub.

Ghana currently has over 65 Bilateral Air Service Agreements (BASA) with countries in both Europe and the Americas permitting airlines to operate into these areas.

Recently at the International Civil Aviation Authority’s Air Service negotiations held in Kenya, Ghana signed agreements with Jamaica, Canada, Guyana and Seychelles all to pave way for designated Airlines from Ghana to fly into these countries

However, Director at the Ministry of Aviation, Ellis Hue Tamakloe said negotiating for more destinations will make Ghana more attractive to Airlines.

“The signing of all these Bilateral Air Service Agreements is in line with helping us achieve our vision of becoming an aviation hub within the sub-region. I must say that if you do not have enough BASA’s you cannot attract the number of Airlines you want in this country.”

He said, “So what I want to say is that we will continue to negotiate more BASA’s as long as it takes and as long as safety and security is not compromised to ensure that we become the light of Africa”.

What is Bilateral Air Service Agreements (BASA’s)?

Bilateral Air Service Agreements (“BASAs”) are treaties signed between Countries to allow international commercial air transport services between territories of the signing countries. BASA’s enable movement of persons, cargo, trade and tourism via air transport.

These agreements provide the framework under which identified airlines from the two countries fly into designated ports in each other’s country.

It usually covers issues regarding traffic rights, use of intermediate routes, type of aircraft, safety standards, competition, policy on ownership, design and control of airlines, in order for both countries to benefit from the agreement, fares and tax issues.

Negotiations to enter into BASAs are usually spearheaded by the Ministry of Aviation after extensive consultation with aviation regulatory authorities and concerned institutions, and then approval from the parliament of Ghana.