Saudi tourist brings four gold cars worth more than £1m to London


Playboy prince Saudi billionaire Turki Bin Abdullah’s Instagram account shows him chasing camel down a steep desert slope and cheetah strapped into driving seat of his Mercedes jeep.

Britain’s flashiest tourist has arrived in London with a fleet of gold cars worth more than £1 million.
The fleet is believed to be owned by Saudi billionaire Turki Bin Abdullah who is currently touring wealthy parts of west London.

Bin Abdullah’s Instagram account features an array of photos and videos documenting his luxurious lifestyle.
He is often pictured with the gold fleet of cars – which he is said to fly around the world at great expense.
In one of his social media videos he is seen chasing a camel down a steep desert slope in his £370,00 six-wheel Mercedes G63.

Another clip, posted just a few weeks ago, shows him filming himself as he drives his £350,000 Lamborghini Aventador SV in west London, followed by friends in another of his golden vehicles.

One photo posted on the social network even shows a cheetah strapped into driving seat of his Mercedes jeep.

A gold Mercedes 6x6 worth £370k  Photo: Tony Kershaw/
A gold Mercedes 6×6 worth £370k Photo: Tony Kershaw/

The super-rich young Saudi recently jetted into the UK with several friends. But instead of taking the Tube or taxis, he has also flown in a number of outlandish cars for travelling around the capital.

All of the exotic motors are wrapped in gold vinyl, with a model for every occasion.

The maddest-looking motor is a £370,000 Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 – a six-wheel off-roader more suited to the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia than the congested streets of Kensington.

He also has a Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe, a two-door version of the world’s most desirable limousine.

With a 6.75-litre engine, the £350,000 vehicle – described by the British manufacturer as being perfect for transcontinental adventures – will reach speeds of 155mph.

A gold Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe worth £350k  Photo: Alex Penfold/
A gold Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe worth £350k Photo: Alex Penfold/

For outright performance, the young man – believed to be in his 20s – has also got a Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce.

The supercar, worth around £350,000, has a 6.5-litre V12 engine which accelerates from 0-62mph in 2.7 seconds and has a top speed of 217mph.

A gold Mercedes 6x6 worth £370k and a Lamborghini Aventador SV worth £350k  Photo: Alex Penfold/
A gold Mercedes 6×6 worth £370k and a Lamborghini Aventador SV worth £350k Photo: Alex Penfold/

The Saudi petrolhead has also brought along his gold Bentley Flying Spur, which has been customised by Mansory. The four-door £220,000 limousine will hit 200mph.

A gold Mansory Bentley Flying Spur worth £220k Photo: Alex Penfold/

Every year, wealthy luxury owners arrive in London from the Middle East with their collection of flash supercars.
On a number of occasions, the foreign supercars have been driven dangerously around the affluent residential streets, angering locals who are kept awake by the sound of revving engines.

Last year, following numerous complaints, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea introduced a Public Spaces Protection Order in Knightsbridge.

Motorists are now banned from revving their engine, rapidly accelerating, racing, performing stunts, sounding horns or causing obstructions. They are also prohibited from leaving the engine of a stationary car running.
Over the past three weeks, seven drivers have been handed fixed penalty notices.

Council leader Cllr Nick Paget-Brown said: “It’s too early yet to judge the success of the PSPO but the police and the council will continue to ticket drivers who breach it until the message gets through that our residents are not to be disturbed by supercars.”

EgyptAir Jet Hijacked

A hijacked EgyptAir domestic flight landed at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus early Tuesday, according to local media and a lawmaker.

The report could not immediately be independently confirmed by NBC News.

The flight had 82 passengers on board and the hijackers have offered to release women and children, former EU commissioner Androulla Vassiliou said on Twitter.

The plane was an Airbus A320 carrying mostly Egyptian passengers, airport sources told NBC News.

The flight landed at 8:50 a.m. local time (1:50 a.m.ET), according to the Cyprus Mail news site.

It was en route from Alexandria to Cairo, civil aviation sources told Reuters.

Bahrain Opens its Borders to African visitors. Ghana, Kenya and Nine (9) Others to Benefit


As part of promoting tourism in Bahrain, the government has introduced simplified eVisa Application for selected African countries to ease travels to the Kingdom.

This marks the third phase of Bahrain’s visa policy.

The countries to benefit from this phase are Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Cameroon, Gabon, Senegal, Mauritius and Seychelles.  Residents of these countries are to obtain their visas online ahead of travel, via the government’s eVisa website.

The new visa policy was introduced in October 2014 and allowed nationals from over 100 countries to obtain a visa either online ahead of travel, via Bahrain’s government eVisa website, or upon arrival.

In April 2015, a second phase was introduced enabling both business visitors and tourists to spend longer periods of time in the Kingdom.

The new policy dictates that business visas are multi-entry and valid for up to a month, while visitor visas are valid for three months and are also multi-entry.

GCC residents of any nationality are eligible to receive multi-entry visas on arrival or online making it easier for expatriates living in the region to travel to Bahrain.

Furthermore, nationals from countries that are not included in the countries eligible for eVisas or visas on arrival can still apply for eVisas if they have a visit visa for any other GCC country.

Commenting on the new phase, Shaikh Ahmed bin Isa Al Khalifa, assistant undersecretary for the general directorate of nationality, passports and residence affairs at Bahrain’s ministry of interior, said: “The addition of the African countries to Bahrain’s progressive visa policy is a significant step forward to providing easier access into Bahrain for all visitors.

“The addition of these important African economies will help to support the business and tourism sectors in the Kingdom and hopefully those of the wider GCC region.

“Bahrain is home to several expatriate African communities and we look forward to welcoming the friends and families of those living in the Kingdom and to showcasing Bahrain’s successful business environment and rich cultural heritage.”

In 2015, over 190,000 visitors from the 11 African countries visited the Kingdom, an increase of 16 per cent from 2014.

The new policy is also being accompanied by improvements to the individual screening process, ensuring faster and more effective processing of applications.

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Promoting Tourism In Ghana: Akesse Sanza Shares Thoughts

Akesse Sanza is a Ghanaian drummer and a Tour Guide globetrotting within the last six years solely to promote Ghana’s tourism sector and traditional folk songs to the international community.

Akesse was the only Ghanaian participant at the just ended 2014 edition of the World Music Event in Germany dubbed International Folk Music Festival otherwise called Ethno Germany 2014.

In this interview with NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo, Akesse spoke about the event, his passion for tourism and what Ghanaians can do to improve the country’s tourism industry.

He said it was sad to see Ghanaians who haven’t been to any of the country’s tourist sites queuing for tourist visas to other countries.

Congratulations on representing Ghana at the Ethno Germany 2014.

Thank you. It was really exciting representing Ghana. I really, really loved it.

What does it take to be on a platform like that?

First you have to be a music lover, very well abreast with your country’s culture and be able to play at least one instrument.

Was that your first time, and how did you get to be part?

I have represented Ghana in a similar event in the UK. And with the wonderful showmanship I did put up there, organisers were convinced I would be a suitable representative for my country. Ethno Germany was like a magnet, something out there was calling me and I just couldn’t resist it. I knew it was going to be an experience. It turned out to be a very wonderful one, placing my country Ghana on the world map. Memories of this music festival won’t leave my head.

Any experience you want to share with us?

The event brought out the best in me as a Ghanaian; teaching the world the Ghanaian culture, music and also dance. I am particularly happy this event helped me meet people from different parts of the world. I am proud of the good work I did out there for mother Ghana. Now, I am known over the world and people have come to know more about Ghana.

Beyond the event who is Akesse Sanza?
Hahaa…Don’t even know where to start from. Akesse Sanza is a Ghanaian, in his late twenties; a native of Duase in the Asante Akim district of the Ashanti Region. I am the CEO of One Office Consult. I love to travel around the world as my work demands. I have love for good music. I am very creative, with a good interpersonal and communication skill.

What’s your background in the creative arts industry?

I play Djembe Drum.

Which schools did you attend?
I was at the Minnesota International JSS, then Kumasi Secondary Technical School. Subsequently I did Hotel Catering and also received a certificate in Tour Guiding from the Tourism Training Centre (HOTCATT). I was also at the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and was awarded a Diploma in Travel and Tourism Consultancy.

Why tourism?
I have loved tourism way back in secondary school where I organised domestic tours for my mates during every vacation. The desire to promote my own (Ghana) brought me into Tourism and I am happy it’s going so well.

What exactly do you do in tourism now?
Aside Tour Guiding, I provide travel and tourism consultancy services.

Any achievements in that regard?
Well for me, just the ability to provide enriched cultural experience for my international visitors is an achievement. The focus as it stands now is to grow the business to a very good and respectable standard where we will become the leading travel and tour company within and outside the borders of Ghana. And with the work done so far, we should be there sooner than later.

From your perspective, is the current state of Ghana’s tourism industry something to smile about?

Unlike before, Ghana’s tourism industry is developing and new tourist sites are being discovered. This is a good sign of growth. If our tourism industry were to be very bad, we wouldn’t have recorded the current number of tourist arrivals in the country.

What area in tourism do you think we are not exploring?

Traditional folk music is under-explored in Ghana today. These songs are not even cherished by us. Tourists enjoy these songs and I urge the Tourism Ministry to put measures in place to resurrect Traditional Folk Music.

How do we improve on what we have?
Our authorities do not take international cultural events seriously. These events, just as the one I just attended, are very big platforms to sell the Ghanaian culture and tourism. It is time that they provided grants for people to represent Ghana in such events.

Today, Travel and Tour Companies pay huge monies to promote outbound tours, neglecting our own tourist sites which are not known to many.

It is very sad when I see people who haven’t been to any of our tourist sites queuing for visas to see those in other countries. The sector ministry, the Tourist Board and the Ghana Association of Travel and Tour Agents must see to it that there are measures in place to promote local tourism. These can be TV programs or publications in the dailies that seek to promote various tourist sites.

What do you think is Ghana’s major tourist attraction?

Ghana as we all know has wonderful tourist attractions of which its beauty and intrigue lies in everyday life. Kakum National Park is one of such awesome tourist sites the country can boast of.

By Francis Addo (Twitter: @fdee50 Email: [email protected] )

Akesse Sanza makes Ghana proud @ Folk Music Festival 2014

International Folk Music Festival 2014 (aka Ethno Germany 2014) is ongoing and one Ghanaian is making Ghana proud out there in Germany.

He is Akesse Sanza. His good deeds have gain massive recognition at the event.

He is part of the teachers who is teaching the participant out there on Ghanaian traditional folk songs and Ghanaian tunes. His effort has pitched him as one of the most popular persons in the camp.

He had his turn to show the world the beauty of Ghana’s rich culture on the 14th of August at the Castle Lichtenberg. His performance came along with other musicians from 12 countries in a concert.

Ethno Germany 2014 is a folk music camp for young musicians from all over the world.

The event held between the 8thand 15th of August 2014, and had around 35 enthusiastic participants who gathered at the beautiful Castle Lichtenberg near the town of Kusel to play, teach and learn folk music.

At the week-long festival, the participants got to know each other, exchanged ideas and shared experiences. But most of all, they explored diverse cultural backgrounds and reinvented traditional music.

Speaking with the media on his experience at the event, he said, “I play Djembe drum and I have gotten the chance to learn Violin at the camp. It was exciting to hear people from other countries play and sing our songs.”
“In addition to some of the tunes I heard them sang, they enjoyed and joined me to play our folk songs on the evening of 14th at the Concert at the Castle of Lichtenburg. That moment made me feel on top of the world. The experience will never be the same,” he added.

Ethno Germany 2014 was basically a festival which had different people come together and shared unity.
The countries that represented at the festival aside from Ghana are Cameroon, India, Germany, Chile, Cyprus, Croatia, Austria, Sweden, Scotland, England, Denmark and South Korea.