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Memorial Day Travel: What are the best and worst times to travel on Memorial Day?

On Memorial Day, a popular holiday in the United States, travel patterns can vary. Memorial Day is considered a busy travel day in the United States. It is a long weekend holiday that marks the unofficial start of the summer season, and many people take advantage of the extended weekend to go on trips, visit family and friends, or engage in outdoor activities. As a result, there is often increased traffic and higher demand for transportation services, such as flights, trains, and buses.


Popular travel destinations, especially beach resorts, national parks, and tourist attractions, tend to experience higher volumes of visitors during Memorial Day weekend. This increased travel activity can lead to crowded highways, longer wait times at airports, and higher occupancy rates at hotels and vacation rentals.

If you plan to travel on Memorial Day, it’s advisable to make your arrangements well in advance, be prepared for potential crowds, and consider alternative routes or transportation options if possible. Staying informed about current travel conditions and allowing extra time for your journey can help mitigate the impact of the increased travel activity.

Here are some considerations for the best and worst times to travel:


Best Times to Travel on Memorial Day:

  1. Early Morning: Traveling during the early morning hours, especially before 8 a.m., can often be less crowded as many people prefer to start their trips later in the day.
  2. Late Evening: Similarly, traveling late in the evening, after 8 p.m., can help you avoid heavy traffic, as many travelers have already reached their destinations or settled for the day.

Worst Times to Travel on Memorial Day:

  1. Friday Afternoon: Many people start their Memorial Day weekend by leaving on Friday afternoon. This can result in increased traffic on highways and at airports during the late afternoon and early evening.
  2. Monday Evening: As Memorial Day comes to a close, many people begin their return trips in the late afternoon and evening. This can lead to congestion and delays, especially near popular tourist destinations.

It’s important to note that travel patterns can vary based on your specific location, the route you’re taking, and the type of transportation you’re using. Checking real-time traffic updates, using navigation apps, or consulting local authorities can provide you with more accurate information regarding the best and worst times to travel on Memorial Day in your area.

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