How many countries should I visit in Europe in 3 weeks?


It really depends on your travel style and personal preferences. With 3 weeks in Europe, you could potentially visit several countries or focus on exploring just one or two destinations in-depth.

If you prefer a slower-paced trip and want to really get to know a place, you could consider spending your entire 3 weeks in one or two countries. This would give you more time to explore different regions, try local foods, and take part in cultural activities.


On the other hand, if you prefer a more fast-paced trip and want to see as much as possible, you could potentially visit 3-5 countries in 3 weeks. However, keep in mind that this would mean spending less time in each destination and potentially missing out on some of the deeper experiences that come with slow travel.

Ultimately, the best approach is to think about your travel style and preferences and plan your itinerary accordingly. If you are unsure, you could consider choosing one or two anchor destinations and then planning shorter trips or day trips to nearby countries or cities.

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