How hard is it to climb the Eiffel Tower? How long does it take to walk down the Eiffel Tower?

Climbing the Eiffel Tower can be a physically challenging activity, especially for those who are not accustomed to regular exercise or who suffer from mobility issues, claustrophobia or vertigo.


The tower has a total of 1665 steps from the ground to the top, and visitors can climb the stairs up to the second level, which has 674 steps. From there, they can take an elevator to the top level, which has an additional 300 steps.

Climbing the stairs can be a rewarding and unique experience that offers a different perspective of the tower and the city of Paris, but it requires a moderate to high level of physical fitness and stamina. Visitors who are unsure about their ability to climb the stairs should consult with their doctor before attempting the climb. Additionally, there may be long queues to access the stairs during peak hours, so visitors should plan accordingly.

For those who prefer not to climb the stairs, there are elevators available that can take visitors directly to the top or to the second level, but these can also have long queues during peak tourist season.


How long does it take to walk down the Eiffel Tower?

The time it takes to walk down the Eiffel Tower depends on the visitor’s starting point and the route they take.

If a visitor has taken the elevator to the top level and wants to walk down to the ground level, they can take the stairs from the second level to the ground floor. This descent takes approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the visitor’s walking speed and how many breaks they take along the way.

If a visitor has climbed the stairs to the second level and wants to walk down from there, it will take them approximately 10-15 minutes to reach the ground level.

It’s important to note that visitors who are descending the tower should be careful, especially if they are taking the stairs, as the steps can be narrow and steep in places, and the descent can be tiring on the legs and knees. Additionally, visitors should be mindful of their surroundings and follow the instructions of the staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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