Dispute Erupts Over Booking Misunderstanding at Bridgeview Resort in Akosombo

In a shocking turn of events, a Facebook user named Peace Afi Dogbatsey recently took to social media to share her disappointing experience at Bridgeview Resort, a popular lodging destination in Akosombo, Ghana. Peace’s post on her Facebook wall detailed her encounter with what she described as “unprofessional and barbaric treatment” by the owner or manager of the resort.


The incident occurred on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, when Peace and her husband had planned to celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary with a visit to the much-hyped Bridgeview Resort. According to her account, after encountering payment issues on, she successfully booked a 1 double bed luxury room for two nights via Expedia, which amounted to $456 USD (equivalent to 5462.5 cedis).

However, upon arriving at the resort, Peace was dismayed to find that the room she had booked did not meet her expectations. She claims that the room contained two beds instead of the single bed she had anticipated, and when she expressed her dissatisfaction to the staff, the situation escalated rapidly. The owner or manager of the resort reportedly became agitated, and the encounter turned confrontational.

In her post, Peace recounted that the owner/manager’s behavior was so rude and unprofessional that she and her husband felt compelled to leave the resort. She also claimed that the owner/manager dismissed her threats of leaving a negative review, stating that his establishment was always fully booked and her review wouldn’t matter.


Bridgeview Resort responded to the incident with its own version of events. In their detailed explanation, the resort claimed that Peace’s booking had initially been for a premium suite with a separate living area. However, due to payment issues, her initial booking was canceled, and she later booked a one-bedroom double-bed suite, which did not have a separate living area.

The resort further argued that the misunderstanding arose from Peace’s incorrect assumption about the room’s layout and her demand for separate living spaces. They also highlighted that they were fully booked and unable to accommodate her request for a different room configuration.

According to Bridgeview Resort, the situation escalated when Peace and her party became aggressive, and they ultimately had to ask them to leave due to their behavior. The resort emphasized that its staff and management handled the situation as best as they could, with in-house guests intervening to help resolve the dispute.

The resort also provided links to the room’s pictures on their website and the Expedia booking page, inviting readers to compare the images with Peace’s claims. They pointed out that they have received positive reviews from verified guests on various platforms, including and Expedia.

As this incident continues to circulate on social media, it highlights the importance of clear communication between customers and hotel staff, as well as the need for both parties to approach conflicts with professionalism and understanding. It also serves as a reminder for travelers to carefully review room descriptions and amenities before making bookings, and for hotels to ensure that their online listings accurately represent their accommodations.


Bridgeview Resort has deleted its response shared on Facebook.

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