Canada visa lottery: How to apply

The introduction of the DV Lottery by the United States of America has left many people wondering if there isn’t another for Canada considering its proximity to the USA. The immediate answer is that Canada as a sovereign state has not started any such thing.

How to apply Canada visa lottery

Even though one would occasionally come across such programs on the internet, these are not from the Government of Canada. One follows these at their own risk.

Is there anything like Canada visa lottery?

There’s nothing like Canada Visa lottery. All such existing programs seen online on various portals are scams. If you desire to travel to live and work or school in Canada, there are other options available and not the lottery.

School: One can have the opportunity of travelling to Canada as a student.

Tourism: Just like many other countries, the Canadian government recognizes tourists and readily accepts visitors into their country for tourism purposes.

Trade and Development: Like several countries across the glode, Canada has several trade and development initiatives that can open doors for people seeking to do business in their country. If you are interested in doing business, this is one thing that can get you into Canada.

Your best bet is to visit the Canadian Embassy in your country about travelling opportunities.

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