Can J1 visa holder apply for green card lottery?

The Green card is needed by many people across the globe, not just people from outside the USA, this is because there are many other people even in the States who do not have the Green Card and would want to have it, these group of people can also apply.

So yes, J1 visa holders can also apply for the DV lottery or Green Card lottery and switch status after winning.

So in effect, everyone can apply. For example when persons in the United States who need Green Cards apply and win, all they do is that they can switch their status with their win.

The Green Card Lottery is the Diversity Immigrant Visa program, it was introduced by the United States Government in 1990. Ever since its introduction, millions have gotten the opportunity to change their country of residence to the USA. Many have become dual citizens of the USA, others have naturalized outright, in this light, even those in the States who do not have Green Cards have gotten it through the lottery.

The program is a lottery, as such, like all other lotteries, it is a thing of chance and not a certainty that you would be selected after applying. What happens is that when you obey the rules and apply according to all the specifications given, for example, the picture quality, then you increase your chances because all double entries will be taken out, all bad entries will also be taken out. Then those that are “correct” will be but into the electronic draw.

The program aims to allow people who want to live and work, school or simply change their country of residence to the United States to be able to do so. Applying for the program is therefore free. Any attempted to be charged before you apply must be seen as a scam.

From 2018,  23 million people are said to be applying to the lottery annually, however, only 50,000 people are selected as winners each year.

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