BridgeView Resort Takes Legal Action Against Customer Over Allegations

BridgeView Resort, a prominent establishment located near Atimpoku, Ghana, has responded to the recent allegations made by a guest, Ms. Peace Degaulle Dogbatsey, with a firm legal statement aimed at setting the record straight. In a press release issued by Adomi Advisory Group, PLLC, on behalf of the resort, BridgeView Resort has decided to address the situation through the legal system, asserting that the allegations are baseless and damaging to its reputation.


In the era of social media, the power of online platforms to shape public perception cannot be underestimated. However, in a press statement shared with, BridgeView Resort has stressed the importance of substantiating allegations with evidence, especially when they can have serious consequences on businesses and individuals. The resort acknowledges the rise of online bullying and notes that legal action is an avenue to address such instances.

The resort’s statement details the events that transpired between Ms. Dogbatsey and the hotel’s management. It mentions that Ms. Dogbatsey was provided with the room she had initially reserved, but upon arrival, she demanded a different room configuration. Despite the hotel’s attempts to accommodate her needs, a solution was not reached. Regrettably, the situation escalated, and according to the statement, Ms. Dogbatsey attempted to physically assault the hotel’s front desk manager.


BridgeView Resort asserts that it offered Ms. Dogbatsey an opportunity to apologize and rectify the situation, but this offer was not taken up. Given the severity of the incident, the resort decided to initiate legal proceedings against Ms. Dogbatsey. The resort’s lawsuit comprises charges related to attempted assault, libel, and defamation. Each claim in the lawsuit is said to be supported by compelling evidence that will be presented during the trial process.

The statement emphasizes that the resort’s legal response serves not only to address the current situation but also to establish a precedent that promotes accountability and integrity in online interactions. BridgeView Resort stands committed to protecting its reputation and ensuring that frivolous and unwarranted allegations do not adversely affect its business operations.

The resort encourages the public to examine the complete complaint that will be filed and to seek evidence from Ms. Dogbatsey that might challenge any statements within the complaint. By doing so, BridgeView Resort hopes to promote transparency and a fair assessment of the situation.

BridgeView Resort’s decision to address the allegations through legal means highlights the challenges that businesses face in the age of social media. While public opinion can be swayed by online narratives, the legal system demands substantiated claims. The lawsuit initiated by the resort not only aims to rectify the situation but also serves as a reminder of the importance of accountability and integrity in online interactions.

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