People frequently say -“if travelling was free, you would never see me again

At one point or another, every individual will travel; It may be down the street to work, a weekend away visiting relatives or five thousand miles to a distant land for an adventurous vacation”.

For centuries the human imagination has yearned to discover- be it new places, people, culture or experience- to satiate curiosity and ascertain or disprove myths and legends. What better way than to do all this than travelling?!

People around the world travel in varying ways for diverse reasons- irrespective of it being by road, rail, air, or sea, one thing is for sure – there are certain things that you must know.


  1. THE BASIC TWO: Where should I go? And why am I going?

An obvious question that needs to be answered before you go on a trip is “what destination are you going to”? You must pinpoint the exact location(s) you would be going. Then there is the “why?”. Reasons for travelling may differ- from necessity to allure, to luxury, to sightseeing, down to the sheer urge associated with “impulse travellers” / “travel mavericks” – The plethora of the motives for travelling is endless. Albeit the thrill, risk and excitement associated with the latter two, most people usually have a clear idea as to the where? And why? And that is the best and safest line to tow.



Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today”. Most people have the desire to travel but are constantly postponing it because of various reasons; work, school, or insufficient funds. In reality, these reasons are illusional and are just like the proverbial cloud preventing the chicken from moving.

One of the pieces of advice “regular” travellers and adventure seekers would give you is that the minute you realise that you want to travel, “Just go for it”! Instead of churning up reasons why you can’t go, focus on all the wonderful experiences to be gained through travelling.

You don’t have to plan an extravagant trip, that would take you half-way across the world. It just needs to be something that gives you joy- a trip to the museum, the beach, or even you, walking your friend down the street!!!! Actually, it is the simple things; the simple places in life that hold the most effect.



What better way to travel than with someone who packs along a whole lot of fun?!!! In tune with the mantra that: “ the world is best seen in ‘twos’ ”, when you finally decide on when and where you want to travel to, choose someone that would make your trip more exciting.

Having a travelling companion brings numerous benefits- someone to talk to, someone to share those extra calories from that pizza, not to mention the numerous shopping exercises to be made!!!!



A picture speaks a thousand words; and what better way to narrate a story of your adventures than to keep your Instagram and Facebook pages updated with your vacation pictures. Take a picture next to a monument, with the locals of the place you visiting, or whilst you gobble down a plate of food!!!

Mind you, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to take a beautiful picture, you just need a beautiful smile!!!

It’s not only the beauty and lure of narrating your experience via the visual that makes your pictures a necessity, it is also the security and information it provides to your friends and loved ones as to your location. This is essential so that they can easily track you in the event of an emergency.



Many travellers, especially first-time ones, go “all out” planning the direction in which their trip should go.- this may range from important things such as hotel choice to trivial matters such as the gum to chew daily. Yes, it is good to plan and it is advisable to plan certain aspects of your trip but sometimes life is best enjoyed when you just have to let loose and roll with the punches. Be spontaneous!!!!

Do things that are out of your comfort zone- eat a new delicacy no matter how it may physically look, hang out with the locals at the city hotspot, go skydiving. Some of the best moments and experiences in life are the ones that happen unexpectedly



Although you are travelling to see new sites and wonders, don’t forget to rest. In planning for your trip, remember to factor in a place to rest when the day is done. Depending on the place (country) you intend to visit, find a place where you can stay and keep your things.

You can decide to stay in a hotel, guesthouse or rented apartments and if you are lucky, in the home of a friend or acquaintance who happens to reside in the area you would be visiting.

Do research on the safest places to stay for travellers. You can simply google such places– many of which have websites and Facebook pages. Doing this before setting off for your trip would give you the opportunity to adequately budget, and ensure you are not cheated by the owners of such places of abode.


  1. LEARN THE TONGUE- namaste, bonjour, hola, si, amigo, ni hao, whatever

One of the toughest yet better rewarding things is learning a foreign language. As you embark on your travels, keep in mind that many of the places you will be visiting, have people who speak a totally different dialect to the one that you might be used to.

To ensure that you do not get lost in the sea of languages, try and learn a few of the words and phrases of the area you would be visiting.

You don’t need to be fluent, but do learn enough so that you can communicate without much difficulty. Common greetings, names of food and objects and numbers should be enough to get you by on your travels.


In preparing for your trip remember this main tip- HAVE FUN!!!!!

The main reason for travelling is to experience something new. Don’t take things so seriously on your travels. Be free like a bird. Learn and laugh as much as you can. Memories are for a lifetime, and amazing memories are priceless beauties that will eternally change your life!!!!

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ANGOLA: The “Phoenix” of Africa

Tucked away in the south-western corner of Africa, lies the beautiful country of Angola.

At first glance, it seems this nation has nothing to offer, especially with its turbulent political past, but upon further exploration, one finds a rich and vibrant land that is the manifestation of the finest of “fantasies.

In recent years Angola has become a favourite holiday destination in Africa, and it is no surprise that the culture of the country has a noticeable Portuguese element (Language and religion) – a polished mix of native Bantu and Portuguese.- a balanced fusion that is a prime factor for the nation’s allure.

Anyone looking for an adventure in Angola would not leave disappointed. With a wide array of monuments and natural wonders, one is assured of fun, intrigue and inspiration when in the country. Any person visiting the country for the first, second or hundredth time should make an effort to visit some of these locations and/or undertake these activities:


KALANDULA FALLS/ Photo: José Carlos Lopes/YouTube
KALANDULA FALLS/ Photo: José Carlos Lopes/YouTube

This breath-taking spectacle is located in the north of the country. The waterfall is spread along 400m and falls 100m, from forested clifftops. The sight of the falls is magnificent and is particularly overwhelming at the end of the rainy season, when the Lucala River that “feeds” it is in full flood.


For many years Angola has not only boasted of a vibrant and rich culture, but also of marvelous and picturesque beaches. Approximately 45 km south of Luanda (the country’s capital), lies Palmeirinhas beach. With snow-white sand and crystal-blue waters, it is comparable to the beaches of the Maldives and Bahamas. It is no wonder that it is a favourite spot for locals and travellers alike.


For fish lovers, Santiago beach is another option. It is in the opposite direction of Palmeirinhas, and boasts of some of the rarest and colorful fish on this planet.


Angola, like its neighbours (Congo, South Africa and Namibia), offers an amazing Safari experience to adventure seekers in the form of the beauty called the Kissama National Park (the only operational national park in the country). It is a driving distance from the capital and is home to an increasing array of wild animals, including the elephants and the rare palanca antelopes



It is no secret that Africa was the main source of slaves before the universal abolishment of the slave trade. Every African country at one point or another had indigenes sold and shipped away to Europe and the Americas. Angola had a role in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, something that can be explored and understood at the Museum of Slavery, 25km along Luanda’s coast. There is a 17th-century chapel, where slaves were baptised, nearby.



A trip to Angola would be incomplete without an adventure in Luanda! Since the restoration of peace in the nation, the capital has gradually developed into a beautiful city with numerous monuments. Luanda deserves a thorough exploration (more than just a quick stop on arrival from the airport). The city atmosphere is vibrant and youthful. Angolan culture is rich here, with the sound of music, the dress of the people, the culture and most importantly the food!

The serene Atlantic Ocean location draws one in- add the presence of historic churches and architectural treasures, that seem to line every street corner and you get a breathing brick layered mosaic that holds one spellbound. One of such monuments is the Mausoleum of Agostinho Neto, Angola’s first president. One thing is certain, whatever your feelings may be towards the monument, it certainly can’t be ignored.



Food is life, love, passion, all wrapped up into one!!

A visit to Angola would be incomplete, and almost criminal without a taste of the nation’s culinary repertoire. Because of Angola’s history with Portugal, the country’s cuisine is largely Portuguese inspired, with many food imported from Portugal.

Majority of the local dishes incorporate flour, beans, rice, chicken, okra, sauces, fish, vegetables and pork. There is an array of dishes to choose from a situation which may be troubling to those trying to watch their waistline.

Common dishes include:

ARROZ (RICE) DISHES: This includes, “Arroz de marisco”- white rice with seafood, typically prawns or lobster.
CALDEIRADA DE CABRITO: Goat meat stew served with rice. This is a traditional Independence Day (November 11) dish in the country.
CALULU: Dried fish with vegetables, such as okra, sweet potatoes, and Gimboa leaves (similar to spinach); often served with rice, and palm oil and beans.
MUKUA: An ice cream made from the dried fruit of the baobab tree.
PE-DE-MOLEQUE: A peanut and caramel candy.

There is no denying that Angola has a lot to offer. Despite its turbulent past it has risen out of the ashes (like phoenix) and is taking its place as an African tourist destination.

Whatever your reason may be for visiting Angola, one thing is certain, you won’t leave disappointed!

Mauritius: An African Island Not For Africans


Mauritius is an island of Africa isolated like Madagascar, located in the Indian Ocean. This beautiful island has a mix race of whites and black. French and English are widely spoken throughout the island.

The island has simplified visa procedures and has bilateral visa agreements with many countries to enable nationals of these countries visit each other on visa-free basis.

Many travel lovers in Africa had love to take advantage of this visa policy to explore the beauty of Mauritius but immigration procedures at the point of entry do not exhibit anything like visa-free or hassle-free travel as agreed between the two countries. can confidently say that, about 98% of tourist arrivals from Africa in Mauritius are deported for no seeming reason.

#JetSanzaExplorer Shadrack  was the only person among the African arrivals to be granted entry during his visit to the country in February 2016. Thanks to Mr. Shan – the hotel manager who guaranteed his stay in the country and also signed a document to assure the immigration officers that he will bring Shadrack back to the airport after his week stay.

At the point of entry, much is required from the African visitors. These requirements are not stationed on any of their websites and they have made many Africa countries to believe that their borders are opened to them.

“All blacks were deported. They find any reason to deport you. I had to engage the manager of the hotel I booked. He was right at the airport to pick me up so it eased my process a bit. All what they’ve made us to believe are lies. I won’t urge anyone from Africa to visit there,” Shadrack told

“I don’t know their fears. I don’t know if they are racists. Whites are given entry without questions. I hardly even met blacks in the country. Could you believe the immigration officers call my hotel every day to check if I’m around? I have been to so many places but I haven’t seen a country so unfriendly like Mauritius,” he concluded.

It is very sad that an African country could treat its own people this way.

Mauritius pretends to be inviting, friendly and made the world believe that they have simple immigration procedures, especially for commonwealth countries. They even claim to be issuing passports for commonwealth countries that stay continuously for a year or two.

Mauritius is only luring the world with their bilateral visa policies to enable its nationals travel to other countries with ease. Nationals of Mauritius visit almost all African countries without a visa but deny nationals from these countries entries into their country.

Foreign ministries in various African countries must wake from their sleeps and revise any bilateral visa agreements signed with the island.

Photo Credit: Africa Point

Ten (10) Consideration For Travelers In Buying Air Tickets

Photo: Getty Images

Most often, purchasing travel tickets are perceived to be a cash-and-carry thing but travelers usually end up paying much than they budgeted for. The cheapest fares usually ends up to be the most expensive ones especially, when we are not sure of our travel dates or if the tickets does not offer the option of date change.
These are ten (10) guidelines to aid you make a better choice, when you intend buying an air ticket for your trip.

1. Check which airlines you can use without a transit visa or if you have the necessary documents to use the airline

Travel agents mostly assume you have all the necessary documents for your trip, so they sell tickets to you without hesitation. Depending on your passport and other documents, it may require you get a transit visa to be able to use some airlines with the exception of flights that do not make stops. Check with the airline first if you require a transit visa. Travels to certain destinations may require an “OK to board”. The airline examines your travel documents and cross-checks them with the respective issuing authorities before they give you the nod to purchase the ticket. Check with the airline thoroughly before tickets are purchased because you will be denied boarding if you require an “OK to board”. Asians traveling on Emirates requires this when traveling to certain destinations. Certain airlines require holders of Ghana passports traveling with e-visas to apply for an “OK to board”. If you need it, the airline will direct you on how to get it done.

Application of common sense is the solution to Ghanaian Passport application problems

Every change of government in Ghana sees a change in the top management of the Passport Office. Each of these Directors try to implement measures to ease the application process but to no avail.

I have questioned myself most times if the officers are just happy seeing lot of people at their premises as something could have been done to handle the stress that applicants go through to acquire passports.

The herculean task most Ghanaians undergo before acquiring a Ghanaian passport was thought to be over when an online application system was introduced but nothing has changed as it is still an avenue for bureaucratic procedures and middlemen to ply their trade.

With the introduction of the online process earlier this year by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, it was expected to lessened the hurdles experienced by applicants when they apply for passports.

Everyone who visits the facility has a story to share. The solutions to some of the problems facing the Passport Office do not require money but just the use of common sense.

I do not understand why applicants are told to come for their passports in 2 to 4 weeks time knowing very well that it would take more than two months? This is the major problem of the office and requires no money to solve. There should be an extended time of collection of passport. Period.

The center is always flooded with many people who are checking on the status of their passports. What is the need for an online application system if status could not be tracked online? I wonder how much money went into the creation of the online portal.

A courier service should be contracted to deliver passports to applicants. This would take away the nuisance caused by the uncontrolled crowd waiting to pick up their passports. May be someone in there is waiting to set up a courier company in order to take up the contract himself.

If we do not have money to replace the machines that break down frequently, we should be able to use our common senses to reduce the hurdles one jumps to obtain a passport.

Top 100 Tourism Personalities in West Africa honoured

Top 100 Tourism Personalities in Ghana and Nigeria have been awarded for their outstanding contributions towards tourism promotion in West Africa.

According to the list of awardees published by the Ghana News Agency, recipients of the awards are mainly from the “Corporate sector” as Tour Guides, Travel Writers and youth promoting West African tourism in one way or the other were ignored.

Among the awardees are Mrs Uloma Egbuna, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Tour Brokers International; and Mr Simon Grindrod, the General Manager of The Wheatbaker Lagos.

Dr Michael Pinder, Group General Manager, Sun Heaven Hotels and Resorts and Mr Lehlohonolo Hloni Pitso, the Regional Manager West Africa for South African Tourism’s regional Africa office based in Lagos, Nigeria were among the winners.

From Ghana awardees are Ms Hazel Gumpo, the Group General Manager of Oak Plaza Hotel; Leeford Quarshie, General Manager of La Villa Boutique Hotel; Mrs Bella Ahu, CEO of Trafix Catering Limited; Dr Daniel McKorley, the Executive/Chairman of McDan Group of Companies; Mr Nicolas Jørgensen Gebara, General Manager, Business Sector Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC) Fund and Mrs Nancy Sam Quartey, Chief Executive Officer of Staple Travel and Tours, Ghana.

Top 100 Personalities also included Nana Dwomoh Brobbey, Chief Executive Officer, Capital View Hotel Ghana; Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey, Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Communications, Ghana; Manish Nambiar, General Manager, Kempinski Gold City Hotel Accra Ghana; Roman Krabel; General Manager, Accra City Hotel, Accra – Ghana, and Sajid Khan, General Manager, Tang Palace Hotel, Accra – Ghana.

The rest are Stella Fubara – Obinwa, Director Africa International Operations of the Dubai Corporation for Tourism & Commerce Marketing, received the Balafon award of the Travel Personality of The Year in West Africa and also the Top 100 Tourism Personalities in West Africa.

Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City, Accra carted away the Balafon’s Best Hotel in West Africa while ASKY Airlines received the award for the Best Airline in West Africa. Others awardees on the list of Top 100 Tourism Personalities in West Africa includes Dr Taiwo Afolabi, Chairman, SAHCOL; Mr Chike Ogeah, Vice Chairman, SAHCOL; Mr Rizwan Kadri, Managing Director, SAHCOL; Pastor (Mrs) Silifat Omolaja Lawal, Managing Director/CEO, God’s Power Travel Agency Limited, and Mr. Gabriel Olowo, President/CEO, Sabre Network NMC, West Africa.

The Top 100 Tourism Personalities was set up to recognize individuals, who have distinguished themselves and through their efforts or that of their organizations have impacted positively on the travel and tourism sector across the West African sub region.

Mr Ikechi Uko, the organiser of the Awards told the GNA that it was also to recognise those whose efforts had stimulated and helped to achieve their individual country’s tourism goals and forging interactions among stakeholders and customers across the region.

Members of the diplomatic Corps in Ghana which included high commissioners and ambassadors, were well represented among them were Lulu Xingwana, South African High Commissioner to Ghana; Mr Thomas Okyere, the Honorary Consul, Botswana Honorary Consulate to Ghana; Pavelyn Tendai Musaka, Zimbabwe Embassy in Ghana and Mwansa S. Rowland, Deputy High Commissioner for Zambia High Commission in Ghana.

The diplomats were also honoured with the Awards of Recognition for their outstanding roles in driving travel and tourism exchanges between their countries and West Africa. Nene Nagai Kassa VIII, known as Mr Mike Gizo, the Chief of Agomeda called on stakeholders and practitioners in the travel and tourism industry in Ghana to seek knowledge towards moving the industry forward by attending travel fairs.

He urged them to support Accra Weizo, an ECOWAS travel fair which is held in Accra annually.

IAAF World Championships: London 2017 and Terrorism

The IAAF World Championships London 2017 comes off in August and lovers of athletics are expected to head to the city to be entertained by the likes of Usain Bolt, Mo Farah and many others.

My family has already purchased tickets for some of the sports and I am looking forward to take them round some tourist attractions in London.

For the past weeks, my wife has been asking, “Are we still going to London?” She keeps asking and my response has always been YES. She is cringed at the recent attacks in London. The world is struggling to understand why London has been the target of terrorists recently. I believe many other people looking forward to visit the United Kingdom to witness the games are asking themselves same question and are currently not too sure whether to make the trip or not.

With less than two months to go for the big athletic events, the question on the lips of many is “Is London really ready for the IAAF World Championships in terms of security? These terrorists seem to be winning the fight as they have succeeded in four major attacks in three months. Are we going to count some more as the days unfold?

At an Ariana Grande concert, in the foyer of the Manchester Arena, just as fans were coming out of the gig, an attacker triggered his bomb leaving twenty two dead and fifty nine others seriously injured. As the world do not know what security measures were put in place after the attack, another terrorist plowed a car into pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge, then fatally stabbed a police officer. We had all expected security officers to be on the alert so as to avert any terrorist attack. So how come there was another attack right after one which claimed twenty two lives?

This wasn’t the end though. In Central London too seven people were killed and forty eight injured of which twenty one of them presently fighting for their lives.

We thought that was the end of the attacks on London and went ahead to make accommodation arrangements for our stay in London. We guessed wrong! Just today, a man has died and eight others injured after a van ploughed into a group of people near a north London mosque.

Residents and Tourists are only fed with assurances after each attack. Now I am also wondering what again they are going to tell the world should I or anyone of my family lose the life in an attack in London. The world has had enough of the words already. Time to act is now to save Londoners and the world at large.

For every attack, the London Mayor, Police, and also the Prime Minister speaks. This has been the norm and should there be another attack, we expect them to speak again.

When one looks at the spate of these recent attacks in London, there are no doubts, or we do not need a prophet to tell the world that venues for the athletics would be major points of targets for terrorists. Well, it’s likely they may change their plans after reading this post but I am still unconvinced they won’t try it.

Terrorists always target places where many people are grouped as they do not want to die alone in their suicide bombings. London airports would be busier than usual, train stations are expected to be choked, buses would be heavily loaded with passengers, and tourist sites would record increased number of visitors. Nightclubs, shopping malls and busy streets. Is London really ready for all these?

Read How to stay safe from Terror Attacks during London 2017

I’m heading to the Philippines, Duterte has ‘promised’ me ADOBO

President Duterte cooked the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe a traditional meal of “sticky rice cakes and mung bean soup”. I’m also heading to the Philippines to enjoy Adobo prepared for me by His Excellency Rodrigo Duterte. I’ll personally invite Senator Leila De Lima to join us as we dine and wine with the President.  .:)

People find various reasons to go on tours and visit cities. People go to France for Cannes film Festival and press tours, Paris for romantic summers, Romania for music festivals; similarly you can go to Philippines for food – a particular dish called Adobo. Adobo is a delicious and culturally significant dish that makes its way to the best of Philippines.

I tried my hands on Adobo from Ghana. Thanks to Google and Youtube for taking me through a Filipino cuisine.

What is Adobo?
Adobo is an admired dish in the Philippines that involves meat, seafood, or vegetables marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, spices and garlic. The cooking method comes from old Philippines heritage and their culture. Many locals call it the ‘un-official’ national dish of the country.

The staples for marinating are vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, bay leaves, and black pepper in which the meat is left to make it absorb and become tangy, sharp and delicious.

The meat used in adobo is mostly chicken but can also be changed with beef, fish, or other types of meat. The meat is then stewed and often fried to give it extra texture, crispy and served with rice.

Beef Adobo
Beef Adobo/ PHOTO:

Adobo and Philippines:
This dish and this country go way back and today this dish is shared with the world. The best adobo of course can be found in Philippines and this dish and its many, many varieties are reason enough to visit Philippines. Food is after all one of the highlights of any tours and visitation but what adobo gives you culture, taste and a summary of Philippines in this dish.

Wish each changing area and place, the adobo taste would vary giving you loads of opportunities to discover new flavors. Philippines as an area of rich landscapes, fields and artistic standing offer great taste with it.

People visit countries and enjoy food, you can visit a country for food and enjoy the place along. Along with the adobo meals, enjoy great places like the Spanish colonial architecture in Vigan, Barasoain Church in Malolos. Take pleasure in their dance recitals, shows and galleries and while you discover it history, you fill yourself with years of taste, culture and richness via adobo and its different kinds. Along with adobo, you can enjoy other cuisines too which are a hybrid of Filipino culture and Japanese, American and Hispanic as well.

The ongoing drug war scared me from visiting the Philippines anytime soon but my Filipino pals have assured me that all what I have been reading from the international media have been exaggerated and its very safe for me to visit. Follow me on Facebook, who knows, we may be dining together with Duterte and De Lima.

Featured Photo Credit: Faith Speculation Trust

Join Ghanaian Bloggers on a Tour to Dubai (May 1- 7, 2017)

Travel dates: May 1- 7, 2017

Undoubtedly, Blogging is one of the most paying jobs (if not the most paying) of today. We are taking days off our computer desks to tour the beautiful city of Dubai and we invite you to join us on this adventure.

Holidaying with bloggers means there would be networking, opportunity to interact from the people you have been reading from and even a chance to put your passion into blogging so as to make some decent money.

Dubai is an incredible city to visit. With so much to do and see, we have sampled the beautiful attractions and activities that a visitor to Dubai cannot miss.

Dessert Safari
Dessert Safari a delightful Dubai activity that you can’t miss when you visit the city. Not trying the adventure of being chauffeured in the sandy and golden landscape of the desert is like eating ‘fufu’ without soup. Standby photographers would be around to take you beautiful pictures that speak for themselves.

Desert Safari/ Photo credit:

Dubai City Tour
Pictures of the beauty of Dubai have been circulating on social media and the Dubai City Tour is going to bring them before our very eyes.

Dhow Dinner Cruise
Enjoy a dhow dinner cruise on the marina and see Dubai from a new angle. Luxurious seating, stunning views, and prime service await you. You can enjoy delicious specialties like grilled fish, curry, or penne Neapolitan while enjoying a live singing and dancing show.

Dhow Dinner Cruise/ Photo credit:

Starting from $1,135, you get to enjoy:

1. 5 nights Hotel and Breakfast
2. UAE Tourist Visa
3. Return Air Ticket
4. Airport transfer
5. Dubai City Tour
6. Dhow Cruise Dinner with transfer
7. Desert Safari
8. Travel Insurance
9. A night stay in Nairobi, Kenya

We are inviting few non-bloggers to join us. Call me on 0560574768 to reserve your package.


Featured Image: Dubai Yellow Pages